The first magazine I ever wrote for was The Get Along Gang. When I was about six years old they published a letter from me that told them I had a Dotty Dog (remember her and her cheerleader outfit?!) on roller skates, and a joke about a frog. I remember how proud I was as I excitedly showed my work to my extended family at my Nan’s house.

I still get that same sense of wonderment whenever I see my name in print, even after some 15 years as a journalist. I also can’t believe my luck that people pay me to write. Sometimes they even pay me on time, too.

I was editor of The Big Issue Cymru. After that I was editor of WM, the weekly women’s supplement at the Western Mail newspaper. Since going freelance in 2007, I’ve written for The Guardian, The Express, Parentdish, Metro, Natural Health, Yoga magazine, Yoga Abode, Real Travel, The Stage, The Journalist, Made For Mums, Theatre in Wales, Tiara, Ladies First, Muso, Swansea Life and plenty of other publications too.

Here are some links to some of the articles I’ve written. Once I get better at this technical stuff I’ll make the links look more professional and post some more.

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