I’m not sure what it was that made me pick up the Barbara Currie yoga video in Woolworth’s in my hometown of Barry. I didn’t even know what yoga was way back in 2001 but I knew I had to try it.

Barely 10 minutes in, and I knew I had found something that would change my life and set about finding some local classes. At first, I admit, it was about the way it made me feel physically. My arms were more toned, my stomach flattened, my legs felt strong.

However, it wasn’t long before I realised yoga was about so much more than that. I wasn’t as stressed as I used to be. I felt calmer. My IBS magically disappeared and I was sleeping better than I ever had before (I’ve always been an intermittent insomniac). It helped me deal with things and changed the way I thought about things.

Yoga Sundays Cardiff

It was on holiday in France, while reading an article in Marie Claire magazine about a yoga teacher, that it hit me that this was what I wanted to do. I knew I was just at the start of my yoga journey and that it wouldn’t be for some time, so I spent most of my twenties attending classes with just about every teacher in Cardiff, going on retreats and workshops and buying all the yoga DVDs I could get my hands on.

I began my yoga teacher training in January 2008, travelling to Minehead once a month, writing essays on everything from Patanjali to the autonomic nervous system, analysing postures, learning about anatomy and the history and philosophy of yoga. During the three years of the course, I passed my driving test, got my first car, had a baby, moved house, and got pregnant again. I made some great friends and met a lot of inspiring people. I also started teaching in gyms and yoga studios around Cardiff. Finally, in January 2011, I qualified as a British Wheel of Yoga teacher.

I currently teach a regular Sunday evening class at the beautiful Cardiff Yoga Studio, a purpose-built yoga studio in the heart of the city centre. I also work with private students and I do a lot of cover work for other teachers in Cardiff. It’s not easy at the moment to teach regular classes, with a husband who works long hours and three small children.

The class is a drop-in one, so do come along or message me if you’d like to know more about private yoga lessons.

I also have a Yoga Sundays (Cardiff) Facebook page.

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