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7 things I know as a mummy of a girl


I was so touched with the beautiful responses I got to last week’s post, 5 things I know as a mummy of boys. A lot of mums, dads and grandparents told me the little men in their lives are multi-dimensional characters who might like trains, superheroes and kicking around a...

5 things I know as a mummy of boys


I’ve read a few articles over the years detailing life as a parent of boys. The lists usually include references to dinosaurs, trucks, superheroes, smelly socks, farting and the like. I always find myself chuckling and nodding along because, yes, that is my life. But – and this is a...

Parenting – some days are really tough


I was scrolling through my blog home page last night and suddenly had a panic. All the stories of jumping around in mud, family day trips, slowing down and embracing toddler pace, home-cooked healthy meals and kale smoothies. “Argh,” I thought to myself. “I am NOT presenting a real picture...