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10 awesome blog posts I read this month – October


Every week, I read blogs which make me laugh, blogs which make me cry, blogs which challenge my thinking, blogs which support me as a parent, and blogs which inspire me. Seeing as you’re reading Cardiff Mummy Says, I figure you like blogs too. I’m continuing my monthly series, charting 10 of...

Mud Kitchens Cardiff – review


The mud kitchen was barely through our front door and all three of my children were excitedly playing with it. Stirring their imaginary food with the various utensils, asking me what I would like for dinner and cooking it up, excitedly describing all the different ways they could play with...

Halloween at Hendrewennol

Halloween at Hendrewennol

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Hendrwennol has gained quite a reputation over the last few years for its Halloween festivities. Gone are the strawberries the pick-your-own farm is famous for in the early summer, and in place are thousands of pumpkins, picked over the last couple of weeks, and ready to be carved, as one of...

“You’re the worst mummy in the world, ever”


“You’re the worst mummy in the world, ever.” When my children look at me, sheer rage in their eyes, and utter those words, it hurts. Like a knife to the heart. It’s usually over something relatively trivial. Like asking them not to wipe their sticky hands on their clean clothes....

Fairy hunting at Castell Coch


Given Castell Coch is known as Wales’s fairytale castle, it’s the perfect place to hunt for fairies. This half term sees a fairy-themed trail running through the grounds of the red-roofed castle, with rhyming clues to solve, and fairies, gnomes and fairy doors to find. We were invited to visit...

Trolls review

DreamWorks’ Trolls – film review


I’m sure I’m not the only parent who very rarely sees ‘grown-up’ films in the cinema these days. Pretty much everything I watch on the big screen is animated and with a U or PG rating. Some films, I find myself clock-watching and willing them to be over. But then every...

Why our children need to know about Aberfan


(I wrote this post in 2016 and have been sharing it every year since. I still think it’s incredibly important our children, and indeed all of us, know about the disaster at Aberfan. Since this article’s original publication, I have discovered one of my great uncles was involved in the...