Monthly Archives: November 2014

In memory of Barry Island funfair


I genuinely had a tear in my eye when I saw these photos of a decaying Barry Island fairground being demolished. I might live in Cardiff now, but I was born and bred in Barry and as pretty much all my family are still there, we’re back and forth a...

Christmas in November

Why I’m embracing Christmas starting in November


This week my children asked if we could have the Christmas music on in the car. It’s still November but straight away I said yes. The me of five years ago would have been completely horrified by this. “It’s only November!” she would have shrieked. “There’s still a month and...

School disco soundtrack: now versus then


It was Little E’s school disco last Friday  – a Superhero theme to coincide with Children in Need. She thought dancing around with her friends and staying up past her bed time was the most wonderful thing ever. So did her younger brothers, who were lucky enough to tag along...

Welsh cakes

An ode to the Welsh cake


With the autumn rugby internationals starting this weekend, I’m feeling all patriotic and Welshy. My days of watching our boys in the pub are long gone – so what could be a better accompaniment to the game than a Welsh cake or six? I wrote this little verse a while...