Monthly Archives: February 2016

My February Instagram highlights


Welcome to a new regular feature on Cardiff Mummy Says, collating the best of my month on Instagram. Instagram is fast-becoming one of my favourite social networks. I was rather late to the Instagram party as I always thought I wasn’t very good at taking photos. And while I’m by no means...

5 picture books perfect for Mother’s Day


I was chatting to some of my friends about Mother’s Day gifts and about how commercial the day has become. None of us especially expect anything expensive or extravagant (although admittedly we wouldn’t complain too much if diamonds/a designer hand bag/a spa day were thrown in our direction). Most of...

15 songs that’ll make you proud to be Welsh


Wales take on France in the Six Nations tonight; it’s St David’s Day on Tuesday. I’m feeling pretty Welsh right now. The rugby is on too late for my children tonight. I’ve promised them they can watch it in the morning but in the meantime, we’ve been having a mini-disco...

Why do people look down on parent bloggers?


I was really nervous when I first started telling people I wrote a blog. Despite 15 years as a professionally-trained journalist, writing for and editing newspapers and magazines for a living, I was nervous about putting myself out there. Whenever I shared on social media a link to a ‘real’...

The Cat In The Hat Theatre Review

The Cat In The Hat at the New Theatre Cardiff – review


Since it was first published in 1957, as an antidote to the dull and uninspiring children’s first reading books which had been criticised for turning children illiterate, The Cat In The Hat has sold millions of copies worldwide and won countless awards and accolades. It’s a fast-paced and surreal tale...