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This week we’re eating… homemade popcorn


I mentioned homemade popcorn in my kids’ summer to-do list post as one of 50 simple things to enjoy this summer. A few friends have told me they’ve never made it before and asked what they need to do. It’s so simple, I promise, and great fun too. The key is getting...

Something for lunch – tortilla pizzas


I love pizza. It’s my favourite food in the world. Ever. My dessert island meal. When Cardiff Daddy and I went on honeymoon to Italy, I ate pizza pretty much every day. I came home about half a stone heavier, but the pizzas were so amazing, it was worth it....

Cardiff Mummy’s five-a-day rainbow dessert


  The latest obsession in our house is fruit cocktails after Little Miss E saw a picture of one in a book and asked if we could make them. We had this one for dessert tonight – mango, kiwi, grapes, blueberries and strawberries with a lovely dollop of ice cream...