Monthly Archives: January 2016

5 things I know as a mummy of boys


I’ve read a few articles over the years detailing life as a parent of boys. The lists usually include references to dinosaurs, trucks, superheroes, smelly socks, farting and the like. I always find myself chuckling and nodding along because, yes, that is my life. But – and this is a...

Parenting – some days are really tough


I was scrolling through my blog home page last night and suddenly had a panic. All the stories of jumping around in mud, family day trips, slowing down and embracing toddler pace, home-cooked healthy meals and kale smoothies. “Argh,” I thought to myself. “I am NOT presenting a real picture...

Heath Park Cardiff

A muddy morning at Heath Park, Cardiff


After dropping Little Miss E to school and Little Man O to Cylch (Welsh playgroup) this morning, Toddler Boy and I found ourselves with just under an hour to spare before our online shopping delivery was due to arrive. We hadn’t really planned anything other than playing in the house...

This little boy and the washing machine


This is a photo of a little boy who wanted to help load the washing machine with his daddy’s dirty shirts. It’s a quick and blurry snapshot I took to send to his daddy because I know how much he misses his children when he is at work. And even...

Nine super healthy smoothie ideas


Yesterday I shared five of my favourite soup recipes – and today I’m turning my attention to smoothies. All these recipes are perfect if you’re looking to eat healthier now the festive season is over. I’ve been a big fan of smoothies for a few years now. They’re a great...