Five really easy Halloween craft projects

We love arts and crafts! However, I’m just not a very crafty person and a lot of the projects I see on places like Pinterest (I’m on there as cardiffmummy) fill me with dread, as they look way too complicated for me and my children to do. I’m not even convinced that a lot of them have ever been road-tested with children, because they look so professional and perfect.

So, here are five simple Halloween craft projects that are easy to do with children – and I know that because the photos you see here are exactly what my children have created with my support.

1. Hand monsters


I’m a big fan of art projects that use hand prints, as it’s so lovely to look back and see how little your little ones once were and how they have grown from year to year.

These hand monsters are so simple to make. Help your child to draw around their hand on a piece of card or paper, and cut it out. Decorate however they see fit – we’ve stuck different coloured tissue paper and goggly eyes on these ones, with cut up pipe cleaners for hair, but you could just as easily use coloured pens or pencils.

2. Foot print ghosts

I’m sure you all know what to do. Paint feet white, stand on black paper, draw on eyes and a mouth, dress with a hat, hair bow or anything else you like. This picture shows one foot from each of my children. Just make sure to have wet wipes and kitchen roll right next to you before you start!

3. Paper plate pumpkins

Paint a paper plate orange, draw on spooky eyes or a mouth, or cut out shapes from black paper, as we have here. Way easier than carving an actual pumpkin!

4. Glittery spider webs

Draw a web shape with PVA or craft glue – it needs to be something strong as glitter doesn’t stick to Pritt Stick style glues. Sprinkle over the glitter, tip off the excess and leave to dry. Don’t forget to put newspaper or a tray underneath to catch the excess glitter.

5. Spider hand prints


Paint one hand at a time with black paint, leaving out the thumb so that you end up with eight legs. When you print onto paper, make sure to overlap the heel of your hands to form the spider’s body. Pop on a pair of giggly eyes (these ones are from Home Bargains). For ultimate effect, stick the spider onto the glittery web.



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