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Paw Patrol

I’m presuming the fact that you’re reading this means that you too have a child or children obsessed with Paw Patrol. I’m not quite sure when this gang of rescue pups crept into and overtook my household but all three of my little ones love it.

Actually, scratch that. I know exactly when and why it happened. I often put the telly on at 5pm so I can keep my children calm and quiet while I get the tea ready… Once upon a time, Peppa Pig used to be on at 5pm. And then suddenly one day it was Paw Patrol. That’ll teach me.

Toddler Boy I, my two-year-old youngest child, runs around in excitement when he hears the theme song. He calls it Paw Paw because he can’t quite yet say it properly. In fact, that’s what we all now call it in our household.

They fight over who gets to play with various Paw Paw toys and when the show is on, they don’t sit on the settee, but rather, they stand right in front of the screen, all three of them in absolute silence and in utter awe.

Toddler even had a Paw Paw-themed second birthday party last month with loads of Paw Paw presents – and when he started cylch meithrin recently (Welsh playgroup) he spent the first 10 minutes running around excitedly showing everyone his Paw Paw lunch box.

But, as with most children’s television programmes, we adults spend far too long over-analysing and finding flaws in the plots in an attempt to prove that baby brain hasn’t wiped out all our analytical brain cells. There’s so much that bothers me about Ryder and his gang of rescue pups. Please tell me it’s not just me pondering these things! Do let me know in the comments section below, by tweeting me on @cardiffmummy or joining in the chat on the Cardiff Mummy Says Facebook page.

Paw Patrol


1. Who came up with the idea in the first place? What went down in that initial ideas meeting when someone said “how about a cartoon where a random gang of dogs are in charge of the emergency services?” Did no one say, “Actually, that idea is a bit rubbish.”

2. Where are Ryder’s parents? Why don’t any of the grown-ups ever worry about his safety and take him home?

3. And shouldn’t he be in school anyway?

4. Who elected Mayor Goodway and why does no one seem to care they have such an incompetent leader?

5. A handbag chick?! WTF?! Surely that handbag must be full of chicken poop?

6. Why is Captain Turbot so useless? The man is a marine biologist, for goodness sake!

7. Why can dogs talk but not chickens?

8. Why is Pup Pup Boogie so damn catchy? It gets right into my head. Bet you’re singing it now too.

9. Why is Skye the only official girl pup and was it essential for her to be pink and half the size of the other pups? Why are her gadgets crap compared to the boy pups? And why wasn’t she on any of the party plates and cups we bought for Toddler’s birthday?

10. Is it true they only introduce Everest because people complained about there being only one girl pup?

Paw Patrol

11. Why does Sky have a Welsh accent? Do real dogs have regional twangs to their barks?

12. Is there seriously such a lack of competent adults in Adventure Bay that only an 11-year-old boy can be trusted to look after the whole town?

13. Why does no one’s tablet/smart phone ever run out of battery or not have a signal when they’re needing to be rescued from some remote place?

14. Who built the control tower? Who paid for all those snazzy rescue machines? Who funds all the Paw Patrol operations? Ryder must get an awful lot of pocket money to run that set-up on his own. Guilt money from his absent parents? Or a misappropriation of council funds?

15. Why is Paw Patrol merchandise so ridiculously overpriced? And why do they never have your child’s favourite pup in stock?

16. Do they just introduce new characters and vehicles so that they can make more merchandise to cash in?

17. And what about those catch phrases? Who can I blame for inflicting such phrases on my household? “Yelp for help.” “No job is too big, no pup is too small.” “Chase is on the case.” “Rubble on the double.” Argh! Come back Peppa Pig, all is forgiven!

Do you have the answer to any of these questions?! Or are you equally baffled by just what makes Paw Patrol so loved by children? Do let me know in the comments section below, by tweeting me on @cardiffmummy or joining in the chat on the Cardiff Mummy Says Facebook page.

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76 Comments to 17 things I don’t understand about Paw Patrol

  1. My children haven’t even heard of Paw Patrol I don’t think, they certainly don’t watch it at home. I hear it is everywhere though!

  2. Ha ha ha! Mine is obsessed with Paw Patrol and I wonder these too often 😀

    Btw with regards to point 11. Yes, animals (according to research) do have local twangs! At least there was a piece of research a whe back about cows mooing differently in different UK locations 😀

  3. Yes I have considered all of the above while
    My 2 and 5 year old watch it. Also, why did Zuma’s accent suddenly change for a few programmes (very unconvincing northern England accent ) and then change back again?? Also a lack of racial diversity as well as gender!!

  4. 2 PP experiences: 1) Before my son learnt its proper name he called it ‘Pup Control’ :D. 2) I was once sauntering down the toy aisle is Tesco and there was a baffled old lady standing in front of the Paw Patrol toys, she turned to me and said “Please help, I promised a Zuma to my grandson and I don’t know what it is” ;).

  5. Not only have the phrases entered our household, everyone’s names have been replaced with character names….grandad is no longer referred to as grandad but as zoomer. We do get quite knowing looks in supermarkets….

  6. Yes! So true. Paw Patrol is the current favourite in our house. I think my two year old has a crush on Chase, it’s a bit wierd! And why do they dub it even though it’s clearly American? Blaze and the Monster machines isn’t dubbed! I think i spend too much time thinking about this stuff 🙂

        • Rightfully so, James. And I am an American. I tell our boys Paw Patrol is Canadian all the time. Between the great hockey and Paw Patrol I think they want to move to Canada when they are older.

    • Have you heard it with the canadian accents? 3 times as irritating!! As annoying as it is the softer british accents are much less grating on the ears, far more appealing when watched episode after episode. 2yo son calls it ‘chaw parole’.

    • Always wondered why it was dubbed too. Canadian accent perfectly easy to understand esp in homes where they are used to a mixture of North American/UK cartoons

  7. Helen Lumb

    Ah we love Paw Patrol too though usually it is keeping them amused when I’m waking up (trying to with 2nd cuppa) and re 11, yes, I heard dogs do have regional barks. Obvs whoever investigated that made lots of money and prob wrote this.

  8. My 3 LO’s love it too, even the eldest who is 7. They are always arguing about who of them is going to be which character in that particular episode. Lol about Ryder, I am bit concerned about Ryders state of mind. We complain it’s too much pressure for yr 2 SATS but Rider literally has the whole city on his shoulders! With no supportive parents!
    And seriously the episode were the 2 pigs get married, what is all that about?????
    Don’t even get me started on the price of merchandise, it’s my youngest birthday in 3 days and thought a paw patrol look out tower would be great, until I saw the price 😮
    All this and we only get to watch half an episode a day because we have to leave for school and we don’t have Nickelodeon!!!!

  9. I have one to add to this. Who voices these things? If it is an 11 year old boy what do they do when his voice breaks?. Will there be several Ryders over the years just like in Neighbours where the actor changed but the character just kept on going? And if it isn’t a child doing it where do they find these actors with such childlike voices? How do they maintain any credibility in their adult lives? This stuff keeps me up at night, really it does…

  10. Yes. We have an obsessed 3 year old (though the obsession appears to be waning slightly now). Allow me to help.

    1) It is a far more believable and easy to produce idea than, for example, In The Night Garden, which I made sure our boy didn’t get near. That’s just eye and ear crack for kids and totally psychedelic for adults. I’m ok with the idea – it at least teaches morals and the like!

    2) Good question – I have pondered the same about AJ in Blaze and the Monster Machines. (Wait til they stumble on THAT!). Also, why is Alex raised by his Uncle? I believe all the actual parents were abducted by evil cats (possibly related to Cali).

    3) Ah now, life experience is infinitely better than a school education, so Ryder is doing ok.

    4) Mayor Goodway was quite clearly elected by the four or five adults in Paw Patrol – and while they know she is incompetent (and insane) who else is there? Turbot?!?!

    5) Yes, Mayor Goodway’s handbag must be filthy – although I suspect Chickaletta does a fair bit of cleaning herself (by eating it, filthy bird).

    6) Turbot is indeed rubbish at everything he does. I believe he is the village (or bay if you prefer) idiot without which the Paw Patrol would be largely unemployed.

    7) Easy. Chickens are stupid birds, dogs are intelligent creatures. Also, they drive trucks and fly helicopters…and you’re worrying about the fact they can TALK?!

    8) Pup Pup Boogie, were it released as a single, would make the Top 10. It embraces everything ‘good’ about pop music. It’s easy to remember, repetitive and means nothing if you listen to it. “Pup Pup Boogie…ooh yeah!”

    9) Carton Law says females need to be pink and smaller, not the writer’s or artists fault. However, how can you say her gadgets are crap? She has a JET PACK! It’s awesome.

    10) Probably. There was NO other reason to do so (except the merchandise reason you refer to later on).

    11) Dogs DO have accents depending on where they live, believe it or not. But Skye has our a Scottish accent (at least on our TV!).

    12) The only competent adult in Adventure Bay is Mr Porter, Alex’s uncle. He is also Ryder’s carer I think, feeding him and ensuring he can get on with keeping the rest of the adults safe and well. WHY he does this…I don’t know. I’d just move.

    13) All the devices are charged using solar power and it hardly ever rains in Adventure Bay. Also, Adventure Bay has a multitude of mobile masts that ensure a signal is always available, even at the top of Jake’s Mountain.

    14) It is all funded by Mayor Goodway – but it is not a misappropriation of funds. It’s merely sensible spending. Even the insane Goodway recognises that without the little boy and his pups, they’d all be dead.

    15) Paw Patrol = Kid Crack = Parents must pay to feed the habit. Like cigs, they can charge what they want knowing full well you’ll pay.

    16) Yes.

    17) I’m with you on this. I am particularly angry about “No job is too big, no pup is too small!” – clearly nonsense, as certain ups have failed multiple times on their own. I’d be happier if Ryder was taken into care and the pups just got on with it themselves.

    I’d like to add one more to your list – WHEN will Chase just get over it and ask Skye out? Bloody coward.

    Anyway – hope this helps. 🙂

    • I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading your post..I’ve been wondering about these very same issues..I for the life of me can’t figure out how an entire town voted for the mayor..She is clearly incompetent to the nth degree! Our two young granddaughters almost 3 & 4 yrs old, really love watching it.. My husband & I end up explaining,or trying to, that none of what goes on there in Adventure Bay is accurate..How none of the adults can go a day without a boy & 6 puppies saving every situation…Thanks for the smiles!!

      • Cardiff Mummy Says

        Haha! I’m so glad it made you laugh and that I am not the only one who wonders about these things.

    • Estelle Self

      Your post cracked me up too. Especially saying without the Paw Patrol they’d all be dead…..Wow, I’ll be laughing all night

    • I just want to know why is Rocky named Rocky? All the other pumps names conntect to what they do. So why is Rocky called Rocky?

      • As a Canadian I never noticed any a cents. Haven’t paid attention either.
        All the points are valid.
        Who would leave a boy by himself with dogs and expensive toys?
        Why is the Mayor an idiot and the deputy mayor a chicken? ?
        Why is everyone in danger daily?
        6 buildings, I think in Adventure Bay. Explains lots!
        Jake and Mr Porter are the most competent people.
        It gets worse.
        Only bright side, my dog looks like Zuma and my boys think our Lab is in the Law Patrol.
        Doomed here.

  11. Its “paw pole” in our house as our toddler can only say that. As we have so many episodes recorded he knows that if he presses play on the sky remote it’ll come on.

    Also, surely Ryder should be investigated by the rspca for overworking such young dogs, and social services should be all over the lookout?? Perhaps it’s due to the lack of competent adults.

    • Cardiff Mummy Says

      Purple Troll, ha ha! Just read your post, glad it’s not just me who wonders about these things! x

  12. I’ve never seen it, but it must be bad if you’d choose Peppa over it! Bing is the flavour of the month in our house and I have so many questions about that too … These programmes just aren’t thought through properly!
    Alana x

  13. Tracey Mc Gahey

    LMAO 🙂
    My husband and I are simply thrilled to see a new episode. Our satellite TV in South Africa shows the American version but seems to repeat the same 6 episodes for 4 months before adding a new one. I may be exaggerating for effect but it’s serious brain bleed.
    Oh yes – our 3.5 year old watches TV, probably too much TV. I like to think that at least I know what he’s watching. I’m so over trying to raise him “perfectly”. We find a balance and as he grows up it changes.

    I’m convinced Ryder is Iron Man’s nephew. Though Turbot is an idiot he has an uncanny ability to use alliteration so there are some silver linings. Maybe not the cost of the merchandise…gulp.
    Just to say this blog and comments made my evening. Now for bath time.

    • There’s an american version? I mean, dubbing it with British accents I can understand, but making an american dub? That’s just redundant unless they include the more eccentric american accents, like the southern ones.

  14. My assumption is that PAW Patrol is set in a world where some form of pandemic neurological virus (or misguided genetic experimentation) hyperaccelerates the human learning process between five and ten, at the cost of rapidly cognitive degeneration in the handful of individuals who survive into adulthood; hence 11 year olds are the only ones deemed competent to operate emergency services, although outdated constitutional law means that only adults can run for political office. Mayor Goodway almost certainly perpetuates the system which supports her, and no-one of voting age is in a position to affect real change.

    The capitalisation of PAW suggest to me that the Pup Packs and vehicles are based on the discarded tech of the pre-viral MASK organisation.

    In one episode, my daughter asked why Skye wasn’t using her helicopter. “Because she has a jet pack,” my partner and I answered as one.

    I refer to the special, all-in episodes as ‘a seven catch-phrase crisis,’ and may seek to apply this in real life. I felt that Ryder must be ruing his overenthusiastic marketing campaign when Santa quoted ‘no job is too big…’ back at him.

    Also, if Rubble was the last one to join the team, why did they already have a construction icon on Ryder’s screen? Did they actually just inherit the tech? Or did something happen to his predecessor?

  15. This is the point where I shamefully need to admit the reason I found your post is because these regional accents were really %^& me and I had to google it. (You’re top ranking for Paw Patrol accents BTW – yeah!) So when we were first introduced to Paw Patrol they spoke in Canadian accents. Then we visited friends in the UK and heard several regional variations. Now we’ve found some new episodes on You Tube and they have American accents. Seriously do producers think so little of our children that they can’t understand English spoken with a slight accent and need to change it?

    I’m baffled by everything you’ve written too but its amazingly addictive – one of the only shows all my 6, 4 and 2 year old will agree on. And yeah we shamelessly now own every pup, and their vehicle. I swear they deliberately didn’t make enough Rocky’s to send us off on a world-wide hunt….

  16. My friend was at my house when my daughter was watching it and he’s a paramedic after 10 minutes he was like, where’s the paramedic/ambulance dog? I mean they have a bloody snow dog and a green dog but no paramedic, he wasn’t happy when I said the firedog is the first aider

    • wow.. being a paramedic he of all people should know that when paramedics are sent to a scene (usually a car crash or house fire) 90% of them are sent from the fire department and deal with things right there on scene… all Fire Fighters have basic emergency medical training… And are known as EMT’s unlike the normal paramedics who work out of hospitals and are called out when someone askes for an ambulance to be sent

  17. 1. Why do the Paw Patrol writers hate eagles? Its totally cool for the pups to eat their pupperoni treats, liver sausages, etc, but if the eagle wants a bunny for dinner, that must be stopped ASAP. I can only assume the writers hate the concept of the food chain.

    2. For a show that pays some lip service to being eco friendly (town powered by wind turbines (and Zuma’s old surf board), recycle pup, etc), I love that they drive around all creation in a huge RV, have a personal airplane, etc….

    3. On the episode Pups Save A Pizza, was anyone else grossed out by Mr. Porter falling face first into the pizza dough and then continuing on like nothing happened? I’m also curious how he avoided any sort of reprimand on Pups Save A School Bus after he made a horrendously unsafe turn in front of the bus and proceeded to drop a load of produce in the road, causing the bus to get in trouble. And then he has the nerve to complain that his stuff got squished 😀

    4. How much gold are they pulling from that creek in Pups Save A Gold Rush, and seriously, a gold chicken statue??????

    I could go on….and on….

    On the upside, I can give my kids fits by turning Zuma into Zima (ala the adult beverage). No daddy, it’s Zuma. Yeah, Zima, that’s what I said.

    • Cardiff Mummy Says

      Absolutely love these points! So glad it’s not just me who genuinely wonders about these things. Really good point about the RVs in an eco friendly town. Maybe they all need push bikes instead!!

  18. Also why does Ryder (who seems to be the pint sized dictator of this small town) never say please or thank you? Lack of appropriate adult role models?!!?

  19. A little late but in addition to those questions I always wondered:

    1. Why does everything break so easily? Especially Farmer Yumi’s barn.

    2. Does Adventure Bay have extreme weather patterns? They always seem to have strong winds or storms and no one ever seems prepared for them . (Like Farmer Yumi’s barn falling apart from a strong wind storm)

    3. Alex is always learning the same lesson over and over. He doesn’t listen and openly disobeys instructions from ANYONE but it’s not really surprising because no one ever does anything about it and just laughs it off after saying “hey, you shouldn’t have done that” and he says sorry. A lot of these are situations that are pretty dangerous for him too, like a runaway go-cart like thing he’s flying in down a street.

    4. When all the pups got wings in the one episode didn’t they pretty much make Skye useless? Seems to me they pretty much have her there as a girl first and a rescue pup second. >.<

  20. Brilliant!!
    I am baffled by the fact that it is a Canadian programme but they all have British accents! It was actually bothering me that much I googled it which is how I came across this. Does anyone else find it a bit disturbing when the pups get an ear scratch they start moaning and saying “that’s the spot, right there”

    • where is everyone hearing british accents? none of the pups sound even remotely british.. maybe here in the US we get a different version than the rest of the world but no one has any type of accent on any eisode I have watched

      • I’m pretty certain that there’s a British dub for distribution in the UK, but everyone else who watches in English gets the version with the Canadian accents.

  21. Aaron MacDonald

    OK why do all the pups treat rocky like cancer and zuma is the Aqua Man of the group it’s like ” hey I know a screw driver would help us and all and fix everything but hey spy chase we need you drone and net and Marshall we know you will probably mess this up but no matter we will just get the rest of the pups to clean up hahaha

    • The pups treat Rocky like cancer? umm what show are you watching?? all of the pups love eachother and are nice to eachother even Rocky (even tho he probably stinks bad seeing tht he lives in a recycling truck and hates water)

  22. My biggest problem since I realized it is something else: the pups do these facetime-style video-calls with Ryder….but how? They only have their collars but when doing these calls they talk into a camera that seems to just appear then….hwo? From where? How do they operate it? Drives me nuts….

    • I never really thought about it before but this is a great question/obsevation … I guess it’s one of those best left un-questioned things lol

  23. why do they always have to meet at the lookout, even when they’re all down the road together (closer to the emergency)…and they magically change in the elevator!!

    • They meet at the lookout so they can get the gear needed for the mission… And Batman magically changed into his costume while sliding down a pole.. at least the pup elevator pauses a momant behind the logo while they change

  24. Courtney Sloan

    We choose in our house to believe Chase is 18 since I’m fairly certain it never said exactly how old he is. And we assume he invented all the gear like a young Tony Stark. Also in one episode mayor goodways phone dies in the middle of a call and in another Ryder drops his phone and in yet another Skye’s puptag falls off, and in another (where Everest is introduced) Jake drops his phone in the water so they don’t always have working phone’s.

  25. I think the writer/ creator is British so maybe that’s why they did a British dubbed version.
    Still have no idea why they changed Zuma’s accent, that mock Yorkshire accent reminded me of Mr Bloom *shudders*.

  26. I had to comment on the regional ‘twangs’. We migrated to Oz some time ago and our daughter was born here. She loves PP. My parents (back in Wales) bought her a DVD- it was the first time we had heard it in the ‘UK’ version- couldn’t stop laughing- our 2DD was completely confused as to why her favourite characters sounded completely different. So is purely for the British market.

  27. Stephanie

    I know I am late to this but found the article because I googled why Ryder’s voice seems to change in some episodes. This gave me a good laugh my 1 year old loves this show and my 13 year old is always asking some of the above questions he thinks it crazy that Ryder has no parents that the dogs talk and so on. I guess with 3 kids I just have learned that most kids shows will make us scratch our heads. As someone else mentioned Max and Ruby they live alone in their house with no parents to be found.

  28. Forest mummy

    I am completely lost , I found this as I googled who is Everest in PP . I have car blinds with her on yet I’ve never seen her in an episode , fairly new we’ve been watching for a few months, very funny post 🙂

  29. Bella Thorne

    I just have one question aswell

    Why does an 11 year old have the phone number of every adult in town?
    I kno2 its because of the paw patrol, but its kinda weird

  30. Lol, I came across this whilst watching paw patrol with my kids and wondering what the point of Rocky and Zuma are! I hardly ever see them get used!

  31. Plus… I love how there is “sexual tension” between Chase and Skye – for heavens sake Chase man up and ask her out!! lol…

    ps I found this site because I wanted to know whether Paw Patrol had a Welsh language translation !

  32. At least it’s not like Disney movies where the mother is already dead or dies early in story. Ryder doesn’t have any parents. The concept scared me a lot as a child.
    And for all the negative observations, the creator of PP did a great job making this goldmine. I’m jealous. I can’t get the song out of my head!

  33. All very good questions about Paw Patrol. The answer is, Ryder actually controls everything, he’s basically Anthony Fremont of the Twilight Zone and the citizens of Adventure Bay are really scared $hitless of him because he can read minds and can create things as well just by thinking of them, hence talking dogs, mer-pups, a captain that speaks in constant onomatopoeia, the ability to build amazing machines for dogs to drive, etc. It’s pure insanity but everyone abides by Ryder’s rules simply for survival and Ryder has held the people of Adventure Bay and Foggy Bottom captive and created all the shenanigans in between for his own amusement. I read Chickaletta was the Mayor’s husband who once crossed Ryder, now she’s forced to carry him in her purse and refer to him as a female chicken, all to Ryder’s sick enjoyment. Dancing f#cking hippos, a dog grooming business run by a 10 year old girl, only one restaurant and a handful of citizens are ever seen in town, not to mention pirate treasures, every ecosystem imaginable within a short drive (or flight on a giant effing plane piloted by a robot dog), and friendly (normally ferocious) animals (e.g. polar bears) but somehow a really angry bald eagle. Ryder’s 10 year old godlike mental powers offer the only explanation.
    You think Pyongyang is bad…nothing compared to Adventure Bay

  34. Actually to answer the question about introducing new merchandise, I mean characters to the show yes, it is specifically about merchandise, I don’t know if they show it in the UK and considering your laws on product placement I am kind of surprised this show isn’t illegal at the end of the show right before the NickJR logo you will see the SPINMASTER Entertainment logo. If you look up spinmaster.com it will take you NOT to a video site, but to a site about TOYS! They started with a toy, and grew in the last two decades to this… So yes when you question if the PAWPATROL Mission Paw episodes are silly because why would they travel to save another town with another incompetent leader, well, toys of course, why would they play with merpups, again, toys. Which leads me to why I am curious as to why its legal to watch in the UK. From what I understand product placement is essentially not ok, and anything that has paid advertisements has to say so, and I may be wrong on this point but children’s shows cant have any of it. I watch this show and while yes it is just an animated show with no actual shots of toys, all of the items on the screen are purchasable and indeed were put there to get your children to want them. I mean there a TOY company for goodness sakes! I don’t even want to get into the stuff that I figured most prudish Americans would complain about, like are the dogs slaves because there dogs, should they be given a salary or something not just room and board, or the ones that I am surprised the religious zealots haven’t grabbed onto the GOLDEN Statue of a chicken in the middle of the town square…. anyways… I don’t have all the answers but I do know that spinmaster is a toy company that happens to make children’s programming out of Canada and … That is a bit devious… Licencing the rights to a company is one thing but making up new characters/accessories to sell more toys is just diabolical.

  35. I imagine any rescue made by Ryder and the pups has a substantial invoice attached shortly after. This is probably issued by the same support team that create the short-notice graphics for Ryder’s advanced PowerPoint presentations.

  36. I am just as obsessed with paw patrol as my two and a half year old son is (maybe even more so!!!!)
    It’s an amazing show that hits on everything needed to make a great kids show!!

    1. There’s no violence! But at the same time, there is conflict and resolution!

    2. Each show follows the same general scheme or plot which makes it enjoyable and easy for preschoolers to watch.

    3. The music is catchy as heck!

    4. The pups are adorable and so cute.

    5. Yes I know some of it doesn’t make sense but it’s for preschoolers so if Ryder was a 17 year old orphan who’s parents left him a bucket load of money it wouldn’t be as relatable to preschoolers.
    It’s been said that kids look up to those just a little older than themselves, so making Ryder 10/11 makes him cool enough and smart enough to look up to, but still young enough to relate to.

    6. Kids love to daydream and imagine things and what would be cooler than saving your town and solving somewhat big problems and somewhat small ones with a team of techy and cute pups????

    7. Even the ongoing elevator gag that Marshall always clumsily makes an entrance to. My toddler laughs his head off at the jokes and can’t get enough of it and neither can I.

    8. But seriously we can turn the volume down and he will fall asleep to it which is a huge plus. Cause if it’s too exciting he wants to watch it but with repeat episodes turned down so you can just hear the chatter it’s perfect.

    9. I don’t know about where you live but the toys are well priced in Canada. And it’s a Canadian TV show so I can see why that would be.
    Also really proud that this amazing show came from my country. Seriously well thought out and really fun.

    10. I’m watching it on Netflix and I can’t wait to see new episodes seriously. It’s the best.

  37. This is hilarious. I’m currently stuck at home( in New Zealand) with a sick two year old glued to paw patrol (which we get with American accents here).
    I’d like to know why Ryder never says ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ he’s expecting the pups to put themselves in danger and drop everything they’re doing to help, surely they deserve a little gratitude?
    Also does anyone else find Marshall intensely annoying? The extreme clumsiness which often ends up hurting the other pups? Irritating

  38. Canadian accents, thank you. I know that we sound similar, but it’s like mistaking New Zealand for Australia.

  39. Paw Patrol is the only show my 3yo will watch. It’s driving us nuts. Found this site while searching for an answer to why Everest had a scottish accent in one episode then american in another. Now I have an answer. Thank you 2016 parents, from a weary 2022 parent. PS. I hate Rubble the most.

    • Cardiff Mummy Says

      Ahh I empathise! I promise the Paw Patrol days won’t last forever! It makes me smile though the number of people who come to this article by searching these kinds of questions

  40. Somewhat depressingly, all these questions are still relevant in 2022, just crossing the minds of a new set of victims – sorry, parents. I found your page by Googling “Does Skye have a Welsh accent?”, which is scope creep as should be researching how to make a Skye costume. Wish me luck…!

    • Cardiff Mummy Says

      Oh gosh, still no answers to these questions! In hindsight, I miss the Paw Patrol days now that I have to listen to over-enthusiastic American YouTubers talking about Minecraft. Good luck with the costume.

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