Baileys hot chocolate – my new obsession

Baileys hot chocolateI mentioned last week that I was having a really bad day. Everything was getting me down, despite nothing actually bad happening. Despite being on a healthy eating kick, I needed chocolate. I raided the remainder of my children’s party bags, but one bashed-about chocolate coin did not do the job… and so I reached into what we affectionately call the naughty cupboard (not *that* kind of naughty… it’s usually filled with sweet treats but was looking a little bare due to my healthy mission) and found a jar of Green and Black’s organic hot chocolate drink and did a little happy dance.

I don’t like tea or coffee and, although I am quite partial to herbal tea, hot chocolate is by far my favourite hot beverage. I try not to think of all the sugar and calories and instead focus on the calcium from the milk – I can’t stand the stuff you mix with water; it has to be proper drinking chocolate that you stir into warmed milk.

Warming milk for hot chocolateSo, I started making my hot chocolate with by warming a pan of milk and then I remembered a conversation I’d recently had with one of the mums at my children’s school about how much she loves a brandy in her hot chocolate and I suddenly remembered the bottle of Baileys still in the fridge from Christmas. I don’t really drink a lot of alcohol at the moment as I seem to have spent much of the last five years either pregnant or breast feeding, but Baileys is my Christmas treat. Oh, that would taste wonderful in a hot chocolate, I thought to myself. And so I poured in a (big) shot and gave it a stir.

It was bloody gorgeous and it made me feel all warm and dreamy and like all the things that had happened that day didn’t matter at all. (Well, until I’d finished it and I felt guilty about breaking my health kick.) I haven’t stopped thinking about it since and so tonight I made myself another one and savoured every last drop.

Baileys hot chocolate

“A hug in a mug”

I think I have found my new obsession. Someone who reads my blog called it a “hug in a mug” – and that’s exactly what it is. Except in Wales, we call it a “cwtch”. Cwtch is a difficult word to describe in English as there’s so much more to a cwtch than you would ever find in a simple hug. But if you think of a regular hot chocolate being a hug, then a Green and Blacks (a luxurious hot choc if ever there was one) with a dash of Baileys is definitely an all-encompassing cwtch. Can I tempt you to try it and see?

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    • Cardiff Mummy Says

      Yes, perfect for the colder evenings. I hope you enjoy it! I tried a hot chocolate with a spoon of peanut butter in it tonight, and that was lovely too! x

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