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My children love getting creative but I’m never going to be one of those amazing Pinterest mums coming up with jaw-dropping arts and crafts projects. In fact, making stuff with three children aged 7, 5 and 3, can be chaotic, stressful and messy, so I need something more manageable. 

Poundland invited us to their Cardiff Queen Street store to choose some supplies from their Easter crafts range and challenged us to make some easy last minute Easter creations. 

And what a selection they have! They have a whole aisle filled with Easter goodies – with everything priced at £1, naturally – so we filled our basket no trouble. We picked a selection of complete craft kits, such as decorate your own egg kits, as well as some generic supplies to inspire our own creations.

With the Easter holidays well under way, we’ve been putting it all to the test this week.

Poundland Easter Crafts

Poundland Easter crafts

We found a bright and colourful orange polka dot disposable table cloth, which made for a great messy mat and actually lasted better than I had thought it would considering it cost just £1. In fact, paint that was spilled wiped up easily, so we’ll be using the table cloth, as well as the Easter bunny plates and carrot napkins for a special Good Friday breakfast tomorrow. 

But back to the crafts. First up were the decorate your own Easter egg kits. The plaster of Paris-style eggs come with their own trio of paints and a fine paint brush. They have a pattern marked into them but my children decided to do their own thing. We used some of the additional ribbons and gem stickers to jazz them up a bit. 

Poundland Easter crafts

The bag of tissue paper was great value for £1, with several sheets in each colour. We decided to cut some of the sheets up into little squares to make our own mosaic-style Easter eggs. Again, we adorned them with ribbons and gem stickers. They’re currently on display on our fireplace, looking very seasonal.

Poundland Easter crafts

Poundland Easter crafts

We’re also looking forward to decorating some actual eggs and making our own egg characters with the Make Your Own Egg Character kits.

Poundland Easter crafts 

We’ve put their decorated eggs, some of the fluffy little chicks and sheep, and the egg stakes into a green basket to make our own table decoration ready for Easter Sunday. 

They might not be the most intricate Pinterest-style creations, but we love them and my children are really proud of what they made, and best for parents is that everything is really affordable too.

Poundland Easter crafts

To find your local Poundland store, visit the website.

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