Cardiff Mummy’s five-a-day rainbow dessert



The latest obsession in our house is fruit cocktails after Little Miss E saw a picture of one in a book and asked if we could make them.

We had this one for dessert tonight – mango, kiwi, grapes, blueberries and strawberries with a lovely dollop of ice cream on the top (although if you wanted to go even healthier you could use yoghurt instead).

rainbow fruit cocktail

My little ones love cutting up the fruit themselves and layering it in the glasses.
We don’t own sundae glasses but these Ikea wine glasses do a good enough job, and I picked up the long spoons in one of the pound shops.

We’ve experimented with a few fruits. Bananas and tinned peaches work well too, although keep juicier fruits at the bottom so they don’t drip down and spoil the taste of the other fruits.

Delicious, healthy and fun for children to make too.

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