13 slightly spooky songs perfect for a Halloween party – with costumes from Matalan


With two and a half weeks to go until Halloween, my children were so excited about these costumes sent to us from the lovely people at Matalan.

Little Man O, my four-year-old son, really got into the character of Frankenstein, £12, available in ages 4-11. He loved the mask and the gloves and was running round singing “What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a monster? Is it a monster?” from The Automatic song.

Matalan Frankenstein

Little Miss E, 5¾, thought the lights on her witch costume, £12, available ages 3-9, were brilliant. It’s such a lovely touch. I hadn’t realised the costume didn’t come with matching tights, but luckily that’s one thing she’s not short on, and she decided to wear a purple pair with the dress.

She especially loved that both of us were witches (regular readers might remember she recently insisted we go out dressed the same!). My Victorian witch costume cost £12 – I love the hat! The Halloween bowl costs just £2, and is part of a large range of accessories available in the store.

Matalan Halloween group shot

Although the costumes come with warnings that they are flammable (because dressing up clothes aren’t subject to the same safety standards as clothing), I was impressed with their quality. The material was quite thick but soft, rather than thin, hard and scratchy as fancy dress can often be. It didn’t crease badly like some previous costumes we have owned, and I feel like we’ll get our wear out of it, making them good value for money.

Unfortunately Baby Boy I, now 19 months old, wouldn’t wear his Dracula outfit, £8, available in ages 9 months to 4 years. He thought everyone else’s costumes were hilarious though, so I’m hoping we’ve got time to convince him.

I’d recommend going up a size on the costumes for older children. Little Miss E and Little Man O were wearing a size bigger than they usually would but they fitted them fine (although the Frankenstein gloves were slightly big). Baby’s was about right though.

Matalan Victorian Witch

All kitted out in our costumes, we thought we’d have a mini Halloween disco. I made up a Halloween soundtrack a couple of years ago, and here are some of my children’s favourites.

Are there any you would add to the list? Do let me know in the comments below, on the Cardiff Mummy Says Facebook page or you can tweet me on @cardiffmummy

Disclaimer: I recommend vetting the videos yourself for more sensitive children.


  1. Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jr


  1. Monster – The Automatic


  1. Spirit In The Sky – Doctor and the Medics


  1. Monster Mash – Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt


  1. The Time Warp – from The Rocky Horror Picture Show


  1. Werewolves of London – Warren Zevon


  1. The Addams Family – original theme song


  1. Devil Gate Drive – Suzi Quatro


  1. Hungry Like The Wolf – Duran Duran


  1. Superstition – Stevie Wonder


  1. Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter (as played at the BBC Proms)


  1. Bad Moon Rising – Creedence Clearwater Revival


  1. Thriller – Michael Jackson

 Are your children dressing up for Halloween? Do let me know in the comments below, on the Cardiff Mummy Says Facebook page or you can tweet me on@cardiffmummy

* Matalan gifted us these costumes in return for an honest review on my blog.




14 Comments to 13 slightly spooky songs perfect for a Halloween party – with costumes from Matalan

  1. Fi Ní Neachtáin

    Those costumes are fab, I love that you dressed up too 🙂 Great Halloween party playlist too, I think the Monster Mash is the one song which always makes me think of Halloween.

  2. Becky, Cuddle Fairy

    What a great collection of Halloween videos! I love your costumes, you guys all look great. Your mini disco sounds fab! x

  3. The costumes are fab 🙂 great you got to dress up too!! Monkey has a skeleton outfit from last year which still fits, we have to be very careful with costumes because anything other than cotton brings out his eczema so to find one thats 100% cotton is near on impossible. Hoping it may even fit for next year!! Love the films list the time walk takes me back to our living room and my dad teaching me the dance about 25 years ago!! lol 🙂 Hope you have a fantastic Halloween xx

  4. I love the Halloween playlist – and Little Man O singing along. My daughter misheard the words as ‘what’s that coming over the hill, it’s cookie monster’, which definitely takes the fear factor out 🙂

  5. That’s a pretty good selection of tracks for a playlist. Some of my favourites on there – Doctor and the Medics takes me back! We don’t do dressing up for halloween, and I’m just hoping that school don’t do it, because he’s not fussed and apart from a spooky t-shirt, he’s not got anything to wear.

  6. How fab are the Matalan costumes? I think the song that makes me think of Halloween is Thriller such an iconic Micheal Jackson song and one that is guaranteed to get the children up and dancing.

  7. Think you’ve got all the songs covered. I’m so impressed with matalan lately. Their Halloween costumes are far more superior to anywhere else and so are all their other costumes especially the marvel and disney ones. Such good value for money x

  8. Monster Mash is my favourite 🙂 reminds me of Little Shop of Horrors. Great costumes and accessories. I particularly like Frankenstein. I never think to look at Matalan, but I will now 🙂

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