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First school shoes

A poem – First day at school


  Update 03/09/2018 I wrote this poem four years ago when Little Miss E was starting reception. My first-born was off to full-time school and I was finding it emotional. She’s now off to year 4, Little Man O is off to year 2, and Littlest Boy I is off...

I love ironing

Oh, I love to iron!


Life is split into two types of people. Those who look at the pictures on this page and say “Oooh goody! A big basket of ironing for me to get cracking on with,” and those who say “Not a bloody chance, mate. That’s all going straight in the drawer because...

How to play hide and seek, according to my kids

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Oh, I love a good old-fashioned game of hide and seek. My children never get tired of it. It doesn’t always go smoothly, though. Can anyone else relate?   1. One of them will say, “Mummy, I’ll count to 10 and you hide behind the curtains.” I will kindly break...

How Mary Poppins worked her magic in our house


I loved this article on BBC Online today about whether we should be taking parenting advice from films. I’m not going to expand on the article, but what I will say is that Mary Poppins has definitely worked her magic in my house. My children absolutely love it, for a...

In praise of opinions


I was telling my dad about my blog, and how I love that some articles have completely divided opinion. Those of you who are my personal Facebook friends will know that certain articles have provoked much debate and it’s been fascinating to see that even some of my closest friends...