Make a Difference – help families in hardship with Mud Kitchen Cardiff’s Little Acorns Initiative

Mud Kitchens Cardiff Little Acorns Initiative

I’m trying something new on Cardiff Mummy Says, and I would love your help to make it work…

Earlier this month I wrote about how overwhelming I was finding world events right now and how, in the absence of being able to change the big issues, I was focusing on small things I could do to help.

The response to the article was incredible and it’s inspired me to start a regular feature on Cardiff Mummy Says where I’ll be sharing simple things you can do to help.

It might be a local charity, a petition, or an event. Maybe it will be something you feel you can support personally, in which case that’s great. However, we can’t possibly support every charity, so even if it’s not something you can get involved in, then do give the post a like or a share or follow the organisation on social media. This will help it show up in more people’s timelines, meaning raising more awareness for the good cause in question and hopefully helping it reach the people who can support it.

This week I’m focusing on a great scheme from Mud Kitchens Cardiff, to help bring a little ray of light into the lives of children living in hardship.

Those of you who have been reading Cardiff Mummy for a while will know that my children absolutely loved the mud kitchen we were kindly sent to review, and the company has grown from strength to strength with orders from families, schools and nurseries in Cardiff and an ever-expanding range of products.

Craig and Gwen, who run the company, have now launched their Little Acorns initiative, which will see mud kitchens being donated to families living in very difficult circumstances, due to no fault of their own.

The initiative started after the company heard about two young children who whose mother had recently died from cancer. After being contacted by a friend of the family, they donated a kitchen. Of course, it didn’t change the fact these children had lost their mum, but Craig and Gwen could see it had made a small difference in their lives. It inspired them to set up the Little Acorns Initiative, and they hope to donate a kitchen to one family a month.

They’ve set up a crowd funding page to cover the costs of the raw materials. The company’s contribution to the cause will be the time and skills needed to build the kitchens.

In coming months, they will be donating kitchens to a little girl who has undergone 18 months of chemotherapy, as well as a little girl whose mother has been diagnosed with motor-neuron disease, aged just 36.

As Craig says, “We hope to provide children coping with an unforeseen hardship, bereavement, suffering an illness or struggling with daily life due to a disability with a little ray of happiness in what can often seem a very unfair and confusing world.”

He adds, “Life can be tough and often confusing and unfair and if we can make a difference then we should, even if it only acts as a distraction for a short period of time. Hopefully that distraction will become a fond/happy memory.”

See Mud Kitchens Cardiff Little Acorns Initiative Go Fund Me page for more information – and, even if you can’t support the cause, you can still help by liking and sharing the idea and following their social media so that it can be seen by as many people as possible.

You can follow Mud Kitchens Cardiff on Facebook and Twitter.





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