This week we’re eating… bangers and mash with amazing red onion gravy

Bangers, mash and red onion gravy is a big favourite in our house. It’s such a comforting food, great for the colder, winter weather – warming, filling and pretty easy to make, too. Cardiff Daddy and I love it so much we even had it served at our wedding back in 2007! As a vegetarian, I wanted to have a meal that looked similar to what everyone else was eating and, as this is one of our all-time favourites, it was the natural choice for us. Luckily for us, our children love it just as much.

You can use any sausages you like, cooked according to the instructions. I’m sure most people know how to make mash. When we make it, we don’t peel the potatoes. We scrub them, chop them up, boil for 20 or so minutes until soft, add some milk, a good scoop of butter, a teaspoon of English mustard, some salt and black pepper. I love the texture when the skins have been kept on, less food waste, slightly more flavoursome – and everyone knows the skin is where all the goodness is.

Bangers, mash and red onion gravyWhat really makes this dish, though, is the amazing red onion gravy accompanying it. I can’t get enough of it! The recipe we use is based on the one in Jamie Oliver’s book, Jamie’s Dinners. We tend to make at least double and freeze the extra portions for another day.


Ingredients (to serve four)

4 medium red onions, peeled and finely sliced

5 tablespoons of balsamic or red wine vinegar

1.5 oz/45g butter

2 beef or chicken stock cubes (or, if you’re making a vegetarian-friendly version, 2 vegetable stock cubes and a good teaspoon-full of Marmite!)



Red onion gravy1. In a big saucepan, slowly fry the onions in a little oil, covered, for about 15 minutes until they are soft.

2. Remove the lid, turn the heat up, and as soon as the onions become golden brown, pour in the vinegar and boil until it almost disappears.

3. Turn the heat down again, add the butter, crumble in the stock cubes (and Marmite, if using), add 565ml/1 pint of water and stir well. Let this simmer until you have a nice gravy consistency.

4. To serve, dollop the potatoes on a plate, put the sausages on top, and pour on the gravy. We always serve this with peas to add a bit of colour and goodness. Delicious.

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