12 parents and kids who are rocking the Twinning is Winning trend

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Twinning us Winning

Would you co-ordinate your outfits with your children? It’s a trend that really divides people. I wrote a couple of years ago about the day I went out wearing an almost identical dress to Little Miss E because she was desperate for us to look the same…. I felt pretty daft initially but seeing how much she loved it, how much it meant to her, I soon forgot about all of that and embraced it. It seems she was really on to something though because the whole Twinning is Winning trend is huge on Instagram with dozens of brands selling matching parent-child outfits.

If you’re tempted, here’s a few looks to get you started courtesy of 12 UK parent bloggers rocking the trend.

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Becky of The Mummy Adventure

Twinning is Winning

“I have three boys as well as my little girl and I think it was having a girl that got me started on the twinning. I love dressing up and I often found that kids’ clothes were so much more fun and colourful so when I discovered the matching it meant I got to look as bright as she does. Our dresses are from Lindy Bop. In the bottom photo I took the twinning pretty far, we are all in the same print but different colours. These are from Duns Sweden.”


Lauren of Dilan and Me 

Twinning Is Winning

“We both love wearing these PJs because they are super comfy (great for jumping on the bed), and it’s so lovely to match. Plus Selfish Mother products help raise so much money for such great causes, so we love to support them. They’re currently sold out online at The Fmly Store but you can join the waiting list for when new stick becomes available.”


Lianne of Ankle Biters Adventures 

Twinning is Winning

“These matching dresses are from me&i international. I love how summery the dresses are and that they can be teamed with leggings when they sun isn’t shining.”


Jo of Miracle Max 

Twinning is Winning

Twinning is Winning

“The first photo is my husband and son twinning in their swim shorts, which are from Next. Surprisingly, my husband happily gets on board with my twinning obsession, he never moans, and I think he secretly loves all the attention and comments it attracts from people. The striped tops in the second photo are from @mabelandfox on Instagram. I love that I can twin with my boy.”


Catherine of Passports and Adventures

“I love the whole ethos behind Toms and my son and I have no less than three matching pairs. It’s the only thing I can twin with him on. Toms are the brand with the ethos ‘One for One’. With every pair you purchase Toms will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. These are also part of their new Mummy & Me range.”


Laura of Oh So Mummy 

Twinning Is Winning

Twinning is Winning

“I love twinning! It’s making a statement and I think it makes the dads look awesome! Daddy likes twining too! My husband’s top and the romper are from Cribstar – it was Father’s Day so they needed to look the same! Mine and Arlo’s tops are from Ariella’s closet.”


Sarah of Surrey Mama 

Twinning Is Winning

“We love twinning in this (very pink) household – my poor husband! I always remember my mum dressing me and my sister in twinning outfits and as such I have loved finding little twinning outfits for Amelie and Evie. The girls’ tops are from Gap and are so pretty with the lace detailing at the bottom. My matching pink top is an ASOS breastfeeding jumper which I love.”


Adam of You’ve Got All This To Come 

Twinning is Winning

“I love having a twinned set of t-shirts, nothing particularly original reason-wise, it’s just something that makes me smile when I see it! She’s too small for hers at the moment, so I’m waiting for our first proper outing! These matching t-shirts were a Father’s Day present and are made by Spoilt Rotten.”


Kerry of Kerry Louise Norris 

Twinning is Winning

“We adore these dresses as we are huge Disney fans. Cath Kidston always do fantastic quality clothes which wash really well.”


Mel of Le Coin De Mel


“The children and I love our Cienta shoes, bought on my friend Anna’s site. My three girls and I have the same patterned shoes, in three different styles, so we’re twinning but the shoes fit our style/age. I love them!”


Tamsin of Chasing Esme 

Twinning is Winning

“Esme genuinely likes Nirvana and Guns’N’Roses like Al and I, so that’s why we’ve bought her these t-shirts. Dressing the same as her just makes me laugh, really. She’s basically a mini version of Al and I as well, so it’s easy to dress the same – I don’t think I’d be the type to dress in a pink frilly dress if that was what she liked! We buy Esme’s band t-shirts from www.emp.co.uk – my Nirvana one was from there too. My Superman t-shirt was from Blue Banana and Esme’s was from Sports Direct.”

Alex of Lamb and Bear clothing range and blog 

Twinning is Winning

Alex of Lamb and Bear sells beautiful children’s leggings, swaddle blankets, dribble bibs and other items.  She’s recently added I’ve headbands for mums to match the leggings for kids.

“There’s definitely an increase in mums (and dads) wanting to ‘twin’ with their kids. It’s a bit of a novelty and isn’t for everyone, but personally I love it and that’s why I launched the headbands. The headbands are a subtle way of twinning and are also a way for mums to twin with sons which doesn’t seem as easy to do. Next, for example, brought out twinning swimwear for dads and their kids, but I couldn’t find a way of matching my sons. They’re missing a trick there.”


Let me know if you’ve ever twinned with your children either in the comments below, on the Cardiff Mummy Says Facebook page or by tweeting me on @cardiffmummy


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    • Cardiff Mummy Says

      Haha! But you could definitely find a subtle way of doing it if you really wanted to (!!). Blue jeans and same colour tshirts, or similar striped tops or something? Or like in the article, band tshirts

  1. I haven’t but my daughter is always trying to match us. We did go out recently where a lady commented on our matching hairstyles which was totally unintentional but I suppose a bit cute!

  2. I have never twinned any of my children as they’re all various ages and can never shop across the age range. I haven’t worn anything the same as them either! I’m not ruling it out but it really isn’t something that has naturally occurred as I’m just not that organised! This post did make me want to order some new twinning clothes though!

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