In praise of opinions


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I was telling my dad about my blog, and how I love that some articles have completely divided opinion. Those of you who are my personal Facebook friends will know that certain articles have provoked much debate and it’s been fascinating to see that even some of my closest friends think entirely differently to me. The letter to the lady in the coffee shop is still being actively discussed a week after I wrote it!

My dad reminded me of this famous quote by Voltaire, pictured above, and it sums up how I feel. I love that people have an opinion on what I am writing. Even if it is the complete opposite to what I feel, I admire you for having something to say on the issue and not being afraid to challenge me or make me question my own opinions.

As a journalist, I would much rather people have an opinion about what I write than be indifferent to it. After all, I get to express my opinion through my job – why shouldn’t other people have the chance too?

Just to make it clear, I am NOT condoning hateful prejudice, or opinions that are discriminatory or any kind of ‘phobic’. But oh, your opinions – I love hearing them! When journalists in other countries are being imprisoned, tortured and even killed for simply doing their job, and when the media in some countries is state-owned and full of propaganda, I will always defend and encourage your right to free speech and your right to have an opinion. So keep your comments coming! I love hearing what you have to say.

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