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First school shoes

The shoes that made me cry


“Is it her first pair of school shoes?” the sales lady asks with a knowing smile. I nod, unable to get the words out for fear the tears will flow. She could probably sense I was going to be a crier before we’d even sat down. She must have noticed...

Something for lunch – quesadillas

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Any good mum knows how to multitask and who doesn’t love an activity children of all ages can take part in, that also doubles as lunch? Step forward quesadillas, a tasty and filling meal that children will enjoy making and eating. All you need is a pack of tortilla wraps,...


Cardiff Mummy Reviews – Techniquest


Techniquest is one of those places Cardiff Family can visit time and again without ever getting bored. We have membership (well, three of us do; Baby I and Little O are still young enough to get in for free) and have even visited twice in the last week. It’s a...

The Cardiff Story

Cardiff Mummy Reviews – The Cardiff Story


For someone who loves local history so much, I’m embarrassed to say Friday was the first time I have ever been to The Cardiff Story, despite it opening in April 2011. I wish I’d visited sooner – we had a great time! Housed in the Old Library on the Hayes...

Cardiff Mummy’s five-a-day rainbow dessert


  The latest obsession in our house is fruit cocktails after Little Miss E saw a picture of one in a book and asked if we could make them. We had this one for dessert tonight – mango, kiwi, grapes, blueberries and strawberries with a lovely dollop of ice cream...



I panicked when my children pointed out the KFC poster while driving home today. ‘That looks like a yummy meal,’ said Little E. I had to think quick. They don’t yet know places like McDonalds and KFC exist and I plan on keeping it that way for as long as...