How to play hide and seek, according to my kids

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Oh, I love a good old-fashioned game of hide and seek. My children never get tired of it. It doesn’t always go smoothly, though. Can anyone else relate?

Are they under the bed covers?

Are they under the bed covers?


1. One of them will say, “Mummy, I’ll count to 10 and you hide behind the curtains.” I will kindly break it to them that it’s defeating the purpose of the game if they already know where I am. They will still tell me to hide there anyway.

2. I will be told off for counting too slow or too fast.

3. They will hide in the same place 10 times in a row.

4. I will hide somewhere and get told off because it’s the wrong place.

5. They will then hide in that wrong place 10 times in a row.

6. When it is their turn to hide, they will cover their eyes with their hands because obviously if they can’t see me, I can’t see them.

7. I will pretend I can’t see them anywhere despite legs or arms protruding from the hiding place.

8. I will pretend I can’t see them anywhere despite their giggling and talking giving the game away.

9. One child will insist I fit into some ridiculously small place with them, while the other one counts.

10. I will find an awesome hiding place, they will be searching for ages, then I’ll feel guilty they can’t find me so I’ll cough or make a noise to give them a clue.

11. I will find an awesome hiding place and Baby I, who is hiding with me, will give the game away with a little cry.

If I can't see you, you can't see me!

If I can’t see you, you can’t see me!

12. One of them will have a meltdown because there’s not enough room for two in a new and exciting hiding place. I’ll quickly think of another awesome hiding place to restore the peace.

13. Little Man O will make up some numbers. He’s great at counting but gets so excited when playing hide and seek that he come out with new numbers such as eleventeen, twenteen, twelvtyfour. I love it!

14. When Cardiff Daddy joins in the game, I will use my best pretending skills that I don’t know where they are. Do they seriously think I can’t see six foot of man and two kids behind the curtains?

15. I’ll wander around saying “Are they in the wardrobe?” And two voices will giggle “No.” “Are they under the bed?” “No.” As if I didn’t know already.

16. I will count extra slowly so I can cheekily check Facebook without them noticing. Come on, I know you all do it too!

17. They will have an absolute ball despite not quite getting the rules, and I will enjoy it all the more because of that.


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