What Mummy really wants for Christmas

Christmas Poems

What Mummy really wants for Christmas 

Santa, are you listening?
I promise I’ve been good.
I know you don’t deliver to mums,
But I really think you should.

My children are so wonderful,
I really do feel blessed,
But there’s some things I’d like from you,
To help me feel less stressed.

I’d like my baby to sleep all night,
Seven til seven, would be great.
Perhaps you could fix the weekends
So I could even sleep in late.

To use the loo all by myself
Would really be a treat.
Even better if you could ensure
No kid wee on the seat.

An uninterrupted shower!
Oh, that would be divine.
I’d like to shave my legs in peace
If you could magic up more time.

Toys that put themselves away,
Washing that does itself.
Or someone to do it all for me –
Perhaps you could spare an elf?

Mornings with no tantrums
So for school we’re never late.
No more rain at nine or three,
Well, that would be quite great.

Tea times with no arguments,
Children going straight to bed.
Cleaning teeth without a fuss,
Always listening to what I’ve said.

My children mean the world to me,
I know just how lucky I am.
Please don’t think I’m ungrateful,
I’d just like a helping hand.

All these things I’m asking for
Won’t cost you much, it’s true,
But if you can’t deliver them,
Then how about a diamond or two?

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