29 things you’ll understand if you’re in a group instant message chat

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More than a billion people have Whatsapp, so chances are you’re in a group chat on the messenger app. Or maybe you’re in a Facebook instant messenger group? Either way, group chats are changing the way we communicate. Here’s 27 things I think you’ll relate to if you’re in a group chat message. Any more you’d add to the list?


1. Ooh, group messages! Fab! What a great invention. That’ll make life easier being able to contact everyone in one go.


2. How lovely to have a long chat with everyone. It’s just like being in the pub with you all!


3. Argh! My phone won’t stop pinging. Don’t you people have anything to do but sit on your phone all night?!


4. When you can’t check your phone for a couple of hours and come back to 108 unread messages of random crap. Can someone give me a synopsis please?!


5. Even worse, when you’ve been away off-grid for a couple of days and have thousands of messages to catch up on.


6. The annoying way Whatsapp shames you because everyone knows you have read all the messages and that you’ve not bothered replying.


7. Reading as much as you can on your phone preview screen so you know what’s going on but as far as everyone is concerned you’ve not yet read the messages so you don’t have to reply. (Hint, dismiss unread notifications, switch to airplane mode, open Whatsapp to read messages, fully close the app and deactivate airplane mode. No blue ticks!


8. When you’re trying to organise a meet-up, and then the conversation moves on so much that you lose track of who is free when.


9. When you’ve promised your partner you’ll have a phone free night and watch TV with them…. but you can see your phone flashing with all the new messages and you have a real FOMO.


10. Or when you’re out with one group of friends and know you should be concentrating on real life, but you can see the group chat going crazy and hate the thought of missing out. You keep your fingers crossed they need a loo break so you can catch up without them realising.


11. When you accidentally forget to switch your phone onto silent and the group chat starts pinging away in the middle of the night.


12. Trying to read over your partner’s shoulder because they are laughing their head off at a Whatsapp message group that you’re not in and you want to know what’s going on. But getting really annoyed when they try to do the same to you. It’s PRIVATE!

13. When you’re out and about and know there have been loads of Whatsapp messages but you can’t get enough signal to view them. Or when it goes in the middle of a chat.


14. When the group is chatting but you’re in work, trying to subtly reply without your boss seeing you.


15. That one person in the group who sends you every single photo of every single thing they do.


16. The silent type one who never responds to anything.


17. The one whose messages are always like essays.


18. When someone adds you to a Whatsapp full of people you don’t know, but where lots of them know each other, and you have no idea what all the banter and in jokes are about.


19. Doing your own private happy dance when you say something really funny and you get a stream of laughing face icons.


20. The way it automatically saves all the random crap pictures onto your photo stream. (Hint, go to Settings -> Chats -> turn off Save Incoming Media. )


21. The fear when you accidentally reply to the wrong Whatsapp group.


22. When everyone is going out, but you can’t make it, and you get hundreds of messages about the build up, the event and the aftermath.


23. When you ask a question or say something but no one replies, and you wonder if they hate you in real life too.


24. When you want to reply to something from five minutes ago, but there have been 308 messages since then and it just wouldn’t make any sense any more.


25. When there haven’t been any messages for several hours and you’re not sure whether to be the one to break the silence.


26. When you all have small babies who are waking up in the middle of the night for milk, and the first thing you do is check the group chat to see who else has been up. Yey, the #mumsquad


27. Until the night when you are the only one who has been up and you don’t understand why everyone else’s babies have been sleeping but yours hasn’t.


28. Or that smugness that your baby has slept through quickly wiped away by the realisation that you’ve missed so much awesome chat.


29. That lovely feeling of knowing that even though you don’t see friends as often as you may like, you always know what’s going on in their lives due to the group chat.


Can you relate? What else would you add to the list? Let me know in the comments section, on the Cardiff Mummy Says Facebook page or by tweeting me on @cardiffmummy

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