Mummy’s messy house – a poem by Cathryn Scott



There’s dust on the shelves,
And toys across the floor.
The windows need a clean,
And there’s mud on the front door.

There’s dishes in the sink,
Kitchen cupboards need a clean.
Two baskets-full of ironing,
Handprints on the TV screen.

The flower beds needs weeding,
The oven smoulders when I cook.
And as for behind the radiator?
I daren’t even look.

The mirror needs a polish,
I need to vacuum up the stairs,
But if I’m being honest,
Who really cares?

My son’s doing a jigsaw
And is getting in a muddle,
My baby has a tooth coming,
And he really wants a cuddle.

My daughter’s dolly needs a bath,
Then she wants to read a book.
They don’t know where the Lego is,
So I’ll have to help them look.

It’s a day for drying washing,
But the machine is not yet done.
We’re going to the park instead,
As it’s sure to be more fun.

I know my house is dusty,
And I know it is a mess,
But there’ll be time to clean it up,
When my kids have flown the nest.

They won’t be young forever,
So when I look back on this time,
I’ll remember all the fun we had,
And not the dirt and grime.

By Cathryn Scott
September 2014

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    • Oh I will have to read your poems too. This is only the second poem I have published on my blog and I was very nervous about doing so, but it’s had a good reaction so far! X

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