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Disney on Ice Discover the Magic Cardiff

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We received complimentary tickets to Disney on Ice for the purpose of this review

We’ve been lucky to see Disney On Ice a few times over the years, the last time being 2019. The productions have always been incredible with sensational dancing, jaw-dropping special effects, and costumes that look like they’ve jumped straight out of the films themselves.

But today’s Discover the Magic production, the first Disney on Ice we’ve seen since the pandemic, was on another level. Acrobatics, aerial stunts, skaters on stilts, skating over ramps… this is certainly the most creative and ambitious show we’ve seen so far.

Honestly, it blew me away.

Check out the Reel I made on the Cardiff Mummy Says Instagram page for a little video taster of what to expect from the show.

Disney pn Ice Discover The Magic Cardiff International Arena

My children are now 13, 11 and 8 and although the days when they’d turn up to the shows dressed as Elsa or Woody are long gone, I can see in their eyes they still find it so magical and impressive. You’re never too old for Disney, after all.

Tonight’s show is fast-paced and energetic and features a real medley of Disney favourites, old and new. There are songs from Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story, Moana, Coco, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and Frozen, plus appearances from Micky, Minnie, Donald and Goofy, as well as Captain Hook, Smee and the other pirates who have imprisoned Tinkerbell. 

Coco was a definite favourite for us, with some impressive theatrics – giant dancing skeletons being puppeteered around the rink and performers attached to long bendy sticks, bending in every direction, and day glo UV colours illuminated as the lights lower.

Some of the solos and duets, in particular Aladdin and Jasmin, Elsa and Moana were so technically impressive, with lifts, spins, and aerial acrobatics leaving us open mouthed in awe. 

Disney pn Ice Discover The Magic Cardiff International Arena

Toy Story was another highlight with all the favourite characters on a mission to rescue a stuck ball before Andy gets home. Frozen, as always, is well-received by the audience, contrasting the daring skate stunts and leaps over ramps of Frozen Heart with Elsa’s graceful turns, spins and balances of Let It Go.

For those of you going to see the show in the next few days, a few helpful pointers. The show is just less than two hours, including an interval. Around 10 minutes before the official start, there was a little warm up act with the pirates, so it’s worth arriving in plenty of time.

It’s difficult to escape the merchandise stalls, both outside and inside the venue, whether that’s flashing lights, plush character dolls or slushies in branded cups. If it’s likely to be an issue on the night, then maybe buy something cheaper in advance elsewhere.

There are plenty of refreshments available, plus handily free water stations. Car parks nearest to Cardiff International Arena can be tricky to get out of after the show (as we have learned from experience). We parked in the civic centre, near the museum. It took us around 10 minutes to walk across town, although I appreciate younger children may find this too long a distance when they’re tired after the excitement of the show (it took us about 10 minutes). If you’re going on Saturday afternoon or evening, then remember Wales are playing rugby at the stadium so allow extra time to travel in and to find parking.

Disney on Ice Discover the Magic Cardiff

Disney on Ice Discover The Magic is at Cardiff International Arena until Sunday26 February with three performances a day. There are limited tickets still available. Visit the CIA website for more information.

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