Author: Cardiff Mummy Says

Home Sweet Home at Wales Millennium Centre


I love any event where my children can get properly involved and even better when that event is free – so we were keen to head along to Home Sweet Home at Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay this half term. This mini-city has overtaken the foyer of Wales Millennium...

Books we love – 7 picture books about pirates


My children love pirates. They love dressing up as pirates, playing at being pirates, playing with their toy pirate ship. We’ve been to so many pirate-themed birthday parties and Little Man O even had one of his own when he turned three, where we went on a pirate obstacle course...

This week we’re eating… roasted vegetable lasagne


Roasted vegetable lasagne has a bad reputation these days. It’s the token vegetarian choice in any pub or low-key restaurant and they’re usually so badly made you can hardly eat them. Hardly any veg under all that pasta, a thick layer of rubbery, greasy cheese and accompanied by some wilted...