The Gro Company Gro to Bed toddler bedding review

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Gro to bed review

When Toddler managed to climb out of his cot a few months ago, we knew that meant it was time for him to move to a big bed.

Until that point, we hadn’t been in a rush to move him from cot to bed. He’s a good sleeper – we definitely didn’t want to jeopardise that! He was also a real wriggler and we’d often find him upside down at the other end of the cot, or lying width ways side to side rather than top to bottom. We thought if he went into a bed, he’d spend half the night falling out…. and we’d spend half the night getting out of bed ourselves to help him.

But, like I said, his little climbing adventure made us worry about his safety, and so the bars came off his cot that very day.

The Gro Company had kindly sent us their Gro To Bed bedding set to review – and although we had a few initial teething problems, it’s been brilliant.

Gro to bed review

We’ve had Gro Company products before. Their Gro Anywhere black out blinds have been brilliant to stick on windows when we’ve been away and the Gro Clock has been great at keeping my eldest two in bed in the morning. And of course, they revolutionised baby bedding with their multi-award winning Gro Bags, with sleeping bags now the norm for infants. I know they’re a brand I can trust.

The Gro To Bed is like a giant sleeping bag, keeping your child in place in their bed and preventing them from falling out when they move into their first proper bed. They have several styles available, some gender neutral and some more typically gender specific. We opted for the Racing Ahead style as it was in keeping with the existing colour scheme in Toddler’s bedroom.

The bedding consists of a fitted sheet, with a sewn-on pillow case, and a duvet cover attached by zips. You can buy extra sheets. You’ll also need to buy your own pillow and duvet to fit inside – Gro do make their own, although they’re quite pricy. Luckily, we’d inherited a hand-me-down quilt ad pillow and it fitted fine.

There’s a choice of two sizes of Gro To Bed Beddin. Cot bed, which fits up to 70x140cm and costs £39.99, and regular single bed, which fits up to 90x190cm and costs £44.99. Our cot bed is right at the top end of the scale and it fitted fine.

When I first saw the photos, I had visions of my toddler wriggling down inside the bag, getting stuck and over-heating. So I was pleased to see learn that the zips are just a small section of the side with the bottom loose.

Gro to bed review

Gro to bed review

I will be honest and say it took Toddler a little while to come around to the idea of the new bedding. In fact, he hated it at first, was very reluctant to give up his sleeping bags and refused to get into his bed. Typical toddler – resistant to change. We slowly introduced the new bedding over a couple of weeks until he was happy and although we had a rocky start, we’ve been really pleased with it.

The first two nights didn’t go well at all. He fell out of bed a few times. I think this is because he was wriggling up out of the bedding.

Gro to bed bedding review

Naturally, I was a bit disappointed to start, but as Cardiff Daddy said to me, imagine how many times he would have fallen out without the bedding. And he had a point! A few times when we had gone in to check on him, he was right at the edge of the bed, only being kept in place by the bedding. So it was definitely doing its job and we persevered.

We’ve been using the bedding for about four months now, and after the initial teething problems, it’s been great. Toddler sleeps all night, hasn’t fallen out for weeks, and is so excited to get into his big boy bed, we don’t even need to ask him.

The downside is the price. At £39.99/£44.99, it’s a lot more expensive than a regular toddler duvet cover (although at the time of writing the review they are currently reduced on the site to £34.99/£39.99, with a further 12% off if you sign up to their email alerts).

But in terms of uninterrupted sleep, it’s a good investment, especially if you know it will be used by more than one child.

Visit the Gro Store website for more information and to order.

Have you used Gro to Bed bedding? What did you think? Do let me know on the Cardiff Mummy Says Facebook page, by tweeting me on @cardiffmummy or in the comments below. 


Gro to bed toddler bedding review

We were sent the Gro to Bed bedding set for the purpose of this review. 

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  1. Thanks for this sounds fantastic , am going to look in to this for my little ones , love the way its a giant sleeping bag !! Xx

  2. We use the Gro-to-Bed and I’ve found it great for keeping the duvet on BattleKid during these colder winter nights. We still use a bed guard rail as even the zips wouldn’t keep him in the bed but otherwise we love it!

  3. ohh this is interesting. We’re thinking of moving Aria into a big bed – yikes! She seems to have fallen out of love with her cot as she keeps waking in the night at home, but doesn’t when she sleeps in a travel cot anywhere else so we figured we would try her in a bed.
    This is definitely going on my list to consider. Great, honest review.

  4. This sounds fab. We love the Grow Comapny and their products are really great. It’s always a big change when moving from a cot to a bed for little ones and takes time. Glad he is all settled and sleeping well now. I love the colour and pattern of the duvet too x

  5. wow I didn’t know they did bedding, but it makes sense and looks like a fab idea. Good to hear he is sleeping well after moving to a bed – it can be such a nightmare can’t it?!

  6. Aww I love this idea! The print is awesome and I love how practical it is too. It’s great to read a review from someone who has tried and tested lots of products from a brand 🙂 xx

  7. I have seen these before and think they are brilliant despite the price. My nearly two year old is still in a cot bed and I am not planning on moving her into a toddler bed just yet. The four year old is getting a new bed as he is in a junior bed at the moment and then herself is getting his bed.

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