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7 things I know as a mummy of a girl


I was so touched with the beautiful responses I got to last week’s post, 5 things I know as a mummy of boys. A lot of mums, dads and grandparents told me the little men in their lives are multi-dimensional characters who might like trains, superheroes and kicking around a...

5 things I know as a mummy of boys


I’ve read a few articles over the years detailing life as a parent of boys. The lists usually include references to dinosaurs, trucks, superheroes, smelly socks, farting and the like. I always find myself chuckling and nodding along because, yes, that is my life. But – and this is a...

Parenting – some days are really tough


I was scrolling through my blog home page last night and suddenly had a panic. All the stories of jumping around in mud, family day trips, slowing down and embracing toddler pace, home-cooked healthy meals and kale smoothies. “Argh,” I thought to myself. “I am NOT presenting a real picture...

This little boy and the washing machine


This is a photo of a little boy who wanted to help load the washing machine with his daddy’s dirty shirts. It’s a quick and blurry snapshot I took to send to his daddy because I know how much he misses his children when he is at work. And even...

Why you can never have too much Lego


We have a saying in our house that you can never too much fresh air, books or Lego. Regular readers of Cardiff Mummy Says will know that I’m obsessed with children’s books and you’ll also have seen reports of our days out in and around Cardiff whatever the weather. But,...

why I love my christmas jumper

Why I love my Christmas jumper!


There was a time when Christmas attire, for me, was all about getting glammed up. Sparkly tops and dresses, dazzling jewellery, silvers, golds and reds – I loved the sense of occasion and feeling smart and sophisticated. Since becoming a mum, however, things have changed and I find myself embracing...