Six ideas for a cheap and easy Frozen birthday party

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Yesterday I posted a recipe for my Frozen-themed sparkly white chocolate tray bake. It proved quite popular, with a few people asking for some more Frozen birthday party inspiration. When I was planning Little E’s recent Frozen party, I headed straight to Pinterest. There were some fantastically creative ideas on there – but it left me feeling a bit deflated because there was no way I would have the time or the energy to produce such creations with three children under five to look after, and 30+ young guests to cater for.

Instead, I tried to come up with some fun ideas that were cheap and cheerful and, most importantly for someone as artistically-challenged as me, easy to execute. Here you go:

Cardiff Mummy Says Frozen birthday party1. Printable Frozen colouring sheets and Frozen-themed arts and crafts
Now, I must confess, I actually forgot to take these along to the party, but I know they would have been hugely popular if I had remembered them, as we have done similar for my children’s previous birthday parties, and my little ones and their friends have loved colouring them in at home. Whatever party theme you are having, or whatever interests your children have, the internet is full of free colouring sheets that you can print off at home. We got some from

I did remember, however, to take along the rest of the craft supplies I had bought. I went to What! On Newport Road in Cardiff, which is fantastic for children’s birthday supplies, as well as arts and crafts goodies, and bought lots of blue and silver diamante-style stickers, bits of felt and gauze in Frozen-themed colours, plenty of glitter-glue and A4 card in Frozen colours. I think it cost me around £8 in total. I love seeing children creating whatever their imagination desires, rather than following a set brief. The craft table was never empty, and most of the young guests went home with their very own work of Frozen-esque art.

Cardiff Mummy Says Frozen birthday party Snowman Game2. The ‘Do you wanna build a snowman?’ game
You know that Halloween game where you wrap people up in toilet rolls to create mummies? Well, give each team a triangle-shaped piece of orange paper and three black circles along with their loo rolls and you can make a snowman instead! This was really popular, although I think some of the adults were more competitive than the children. Play Do You Wanna Build a Snowman and In Summer (Olaf’s song) on loop to accompany it, and bingo! Perfect Frozen party game.

3. Musical Frozen
This is musical statues: rebranded. Party guests need to dance along to the Frozen soundtrack then, when the music stops, they need to freeze. Simple!

4. Elsa Says
Just like Simon Says, but it’s Elsa doing the talking this time. Every time Elsa asks you to do something, you do it, for example, “Elsa says stand on one foot”. If Elsa doesn’t ask, you don’t do it, for example, “Stand on one foot”. Anyone who gets it wrong is out of the game.

Cardiff Mummy Says Frozen food5. White chocolate rice crispie cakes
As you can probably tell, my children helped me make these. We melted 400g of white chocolate, poured it into a bowl with half a packet of rice crispies, mixed it all together, put in paper cases in a cake tin and sprinkled on Baby Blue Glimmer cake sprinkles (as mentioned in the tray bake post yesterday).

6. Theming regular food in a Frozen manner
I had planned to print out labels to go on all the party food, but a broken printer meant that idea had to be abandoned last minute. Here’s what they would have said:

Sandwiches – “It’s crazy, we finish each other’s sandwiches” (obviously, every Frozen fan knows that is a very famous line from the film)

Baby carrots – Sven’s food

Wotsits – Olaf’s noses

Twiglets or pretzels – Sven’s reindeer antlers

Raisins – reindeer poo

White chocolate fingers – Kristoff’s Frozen ice sticks

Strawberries dipped in melted white chocolate – Frozen hearts

Has your little one had Frozen-themed birthday party? Do please share any cheap and easy Frozen party ideas. You can join in the chat on my Facebook page or tweet me on @cardiffmummy

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