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When world events are just so overwhelming


This morning I cried in the shower. I cried because of the enormity of world events and because I don’t know what I can do about it. “Donald Trump sacks defiant acting attorney general for questioning legality of immigration ban” That breaking news update, nestled among all the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...

In praise of parent bloggers!


There’s been much drama in the parent blogging community this weekend following a Mumsnet thread debating mummy bloggers. The general consensus of the thread was that a large number of people didn’t see the point of them. Posters on the thread called mummy bloggers irritating and cringe-worthy. Some felt bloggers...

What's it really like having three children?

What’s it really like having three children?


“Tell me honestly,” you said. “What is it really like having three children? I know you always wanted three, and you say you love it, but what’s it really like?” “I do love it,” I replied. “I absolutely love it. But… my house is never quiet, it’s never tidy and...