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Something for lunch – tortilla pizzas


I love pizza. It’s my favourite food in the world. Ever. My dessert island meal. When Cardiff Daddy and I went on honeymoon to Italy, I ate pizza pretty much every day. I came home about half a stone heavier, but the pizzas were so amazing, it was worth it....

My life through the eyes of Roath Park

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I don’t recall the first time I visited Roath Park. I couldn’t even tell you how many times I have been there. But the park, with its boating lake, swans and ducks, huge playground and beautiful flower gardens, is one of my favourite places in Cardiff. When I look back...

Our old-fashioned car journeys


So far this year, we, as a family, have twice driven from our hometown of Cardiff to London and back in a day (a six-hour round journey); to Hampshire and back in a day (four hours); to Tenby for a week’s holiday (two hours each way); to Bristol several times...

American-style blueberry pancakes

A recipe for American-style blueberry pancakes


  We have a birthday tradition in our house that sees the day starting with a party-style breakfast… and blueberry pancakes. The night before, I lay the table with a party table cloth, paper plates and cups, and toys or decorations for whatever the theme is. The birthday boy or...

In praise of party bags!


As I mentioned in my last post, we go to an awful lot of birthday parties. A couple of months ago, I noticed that Little E, who is now four and three quarters, would suddenly announce she wanted to go home, no matter how much fun she was having. It...

Birthday party politics

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Little E started full-time school last week, and Little O went off to playgroup. Both came home on their second days with invitations to birthday parties. They were so excited – until Cardiff Mummy ruined their delight by explaining that sadly they wouldn’t be able to attend as both parties...