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Update 02/09/2018

I wrote this poem four years ago when Little Miss E was starting reception. My first-born was off to full-time school and I was finding it emotional. She’s now off to year 4, Little Man O is off to year 2, and Littlest Boy I is off to reception… and I’m still just as emotional. Perhaps more as my pre-school days have now come to an end after eight and a half years. Now seemed a good time to re-share this poem. I hope some of you relate. x


First day at school

What if the teacher asks a question

And she doesn’t understand?

What if when she needs the loo

She doesn’t raise her hand?


What if no one plays with her?

Or someone calls her names?

What if she doesn’t know the rules

Of one of the playground games?


What if she misses Mummy,

Daddy, brothers too?

What if something worries her

And she can’t think what to do?


What if her lunch box won’t open

And she’s too afraid to ask?

Will she be upset in Games

If she should come in last?


What if she falls and hurts herself?

Who will dry her tears?

Her first day at her new big school

Is filling me with fears.


But what if she solves a problem,

The only one who knows what to do?

What if she helps another child

With something strange and new?


What if she makes a new best mate

Who’ll be her friend for life?

What if she creates a work of art

That makes you burst with pride?


What if she learns an instrument,

Or is captain of a team?

Think how proud you’ll be of her

When she fulfils her dream.


You have to let her go now, Mummy,

Deep down you know it’s time.

It’s hard to say goodbye today,

But you know she will be fine.


You might also like this post I wrote on the shoes that made me cry. Such emotional times when your child starts school full-time. Good luck to all the little ones starting school soon, as well as the mummies, daddies and grandparents waving them off for their big new adventure.

How are you feeling – or how did you feel – about your little one heading off to school? Do let me know in the comments section below, on the Cardiff Mummy Says Facebook page, or by tweeting me on @cardiffmummy

17 Comments to A poem – First day at school

  1. Beautiful, well done! And so true! My little girl
    starts on Thursday too and I am dreading, but deep down I know she will have a fab time. Now to go and find my tissues…..! x

  2. Cathryn,

    I read this and no I didn’t shed any tears!! But I felt it was very balanced and enjoyed reading it.


  3. Cathryn,

    I read this and no I didn’t shed any tears!! But I felt it was very balanced and enjoyed reading it.


  4. Made me cry. It’s so heart wrenching for all involved. Good luck to all parents today and this week going through this experience. My son started yr 2 today got another 2 years before my daughter starts. Was a mess the 1 day my son started, will be worse when they go to high school, will feel like I’m really losing him then. At least you can watch them go in and come out at primary school, got to put them in a bus for senior school and I’m already in no doubt I will NOT be allowed to walk him to the bus stop!
    Precious precious time…..

    • Awww a lot of people have said it made them cry. I am finding it so hard. She starts tomorrow and my little boy started playgroup three mornings a week on Tuesday too so I am missing them both. I can’t even think about high school yet, you are completely right! Oh I will be even more emotional about that! x

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