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four bean chilli

This week we’re eating… four bean chilli


Beans and pulses are a big part of my diet, as I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 12 years old. They’re packed full of protein, iron, fibre, vitamins and minerals, are low fat, and count towards your recommended daily five-a-day. One of my favourite ways to serve them is...

This week we’re eating… butternut squash risotto


Oh, I love butternut squash. It’s so good roasted in a little olive oil, with a touch of garlic and some sage leaves. I could easily polish off a whole tray of the stuff  by itself. In fact, I sometimes do. When I can restrain myself from scoffing the lot, butternut squash risotto is by...

This week we’re eating… sausage casserole


I’ve had a few friends ask me if I can include some family-friendly recipes on my blog. Now, I don’t claim to be Nigella or Delia or any kind of great chef, but I pretty much always cook from scratch and am particularly fond of recipes I can batch cook, meaning I have...

American-style blueberry pancakes

A recipe for American-style blueberry pancakes


  We have a birthday tradition in our house that sees the day starting with a party-style breakfast… and blueberry pancakes. The night before, I lay the table with a party table cloth, paper plates and cups, and toys or decorations for whatever the theme is. The birthday boy or...