Elf on the Shelf – our first week


Elf on the shelfOur elves have been busy since they arrived at the start of the month.

Little E, Little O and Baby I were thrilled with the Advent boxes Tallulah, Sammy and Georgie brought with them on December 1st. We have had lots of fun reading the new Christmas books and they absolutely love wearing their Christmas pyjamas and jumpers.

Luckily, our elves are not as mischievous as some I have been hearing about – some are creating havoc all over the place! Here’s how their first week staying with us has gone so far.

Have you got an elf on the shelf staying? I’d love to hear/see what they have been up to. You can tweet me on @cardiffmummy or say hello on my Facebook page.

IMG_8702December 2nd – Oh dear! Georgie, our baby elf, has trapped his big brother and sister inside the cereal box!

IMG_8710December 3rd – The elves have been working on their spelling with our Duplo.

December 4th – IMG_8715It’s Elf Rescue Squad on a mission to save the day!


December 5th – Tallulah, Sammy and Georgie are having an elf tea party to celebrate Little E’s birthday today.

IMG_8764December 6th – Our elves have been hanging out in Cardiff Mummy and Cardiff Daddy’s Christmas mugs.

December 7th – IMG_8808The elves are getting adventurous and having fun on their climbing frame, otherwise known as Cardiff Mummy’s cake stand.

December 8th – IMG_8864Our elves are ready for tomorrow morning with some lovely snow flakes they have made and stuck to our window. They have also left some spare paper for Little E and Little O to make their own.

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