Elf on the shelf week two – nine more ideas suitable for young children

Elf on the Shelf

IMG_8886Our elves have been having so much fun the last couple of weeks. Every morning Little E and Little O can’t wait to get downstairs to see what they have been up to. Tallulah, Sammy and Georgie have not been too mischievous thankfully, they just like to play about at night and sometimes they even leave a gift or two.

This is what they have been up to the last week or so. You can catch up with what happened during the first week of their stay here.

I’d love to see what everyone else’s elves have been up to. Come and join in the discussion on my Facebook page or tweet me on @cardiffmummy

IMG_88869th December – those cheeky little elves have been having fun making banana faces!



IMG_888910th December – wow, the elves look like they have been having fun on this slide. Weeeeeeee!



IMG_888411th December – the elves have been playing Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? Who do you think should win?



IMG_893412th December – the elves are doing yoga on their very own yoga mats. This is a lovely, relaxing pose called Viparita Karani and it is one of Cardiff Mummy’s favourites.


IMG_891413th December – Connect 4 – an absolute classic! I wonder who won the most games.



IMG_903714th December – oh dear, the elves are being terrorised by dinosaurs!



IMG_898115th December – wow, the elves must have been really behaved to have all of these reward stickers!



IMG_903316th December – the elves have been reading Aliens Love Panta Claus. Just like in the book, those mischievous little aliens dressed the elves in knickers!




Elf on the Shelf17th December – it took Little E and Little O a while to find our elves this morning. They were hiding in the oven gloves!








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