I swear the full moon affects my children’s behaviour

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full moon affects children's behaviour

I love my children to bits, I really do. But my goodness, I was so relieved when all three were tucked up into bed, fast asleep, tonight.

I stood in the semi-darkness outside their rooms, closed my eyes and just breathed in a great big breath of utter silence.

Today was most definitely ‘one of those days’. Shouting, tantrums, over-sensitivity, tears, fighting siblings. I even got hit over the head with a Ninja Turtle – and it hurt.

Looking out of the window tonight, I saw this.

full moon affects children's behaviour

And that explained it all. A full moon.

I’ve always said the moon affects my children’s behaviour. Some people might think I’m talking rubbish, but I swear it does.

Over the years, I’ve noticed certain days in the month where more friends than usual will comment on how trying their children have been. And it always coincides with a full moon.

I have friends who are teachers and nursery workers who say the same thing. I have friends who work in the medical profession who say full moon nights always bring out the strangest behaviour.

I’ve heard mental health professionals say that their patients have more violent and/or psychotic episodes around a full moon. Indeed, the word lunatic comes from lunar, or moon.

My midwife friend says there are always more babies born on a full-moon.

It’s all anecdotal, of course. I’ve looked into scientific studies on the moon and behaviour and the results are mixed. Some show a correlation, some don’t.

The research seems to be in agreement that the light of a full moon has an impact on the level of melatonin we produce, which can in turn affect our sleep by an average of 20 minutes.

And I’m sure my children aren’t the only ones who don’t cope well when they are tired.

I think it’s more than that though. Our bodies consist of around 60% water, although in babies this can be as much as 73%. We all know that the tidal flow is affected by the moon, so it makes sense that we humans could be affected too.

I’m convinced the moon impacts my children’s behaviour.

And mine too. Female ovulation cycles often correlate with the lunar cycle. And I know I’m likely to be more emotional, have less energy and be less patient around the time of a full moon. So it’s a double whammy, really.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to excuse or condone my children’s behaviour. I’m not letting them run riot and then blaming it on the moon. There have been consequences for inappropriate behaviour today.

But I’ve tried to maintain my calm and help them work themselves out of their frazzled state, rather than jump in too heavy-handed.

I’m sure some people will think I am talking rubbish – but I always know a full moon will bring extra parenting challenges.

What do you think? Does the full moon affect your children’s behaviour? Do let me know in the comments section below, on the Cardiff Mummy Says Facebook page or by tweeting me on @cardiffmummy

9 Comments to I swear the full moon affects my children’s behaviour

  1. I know my daughter has been unlike her usual sunny self the past few days. I’ve never been entirely convinced of the link between the moon and behaviour (although you make a good case) but I’m certainly hoping this passes as it wanes!

    • Cardiff Mummy Says

      Aw, hope she’s back to her usual self soon. I know not everyone agrees with me, but I honestly see a big correlation. I’m not saying they’re perfect for the rest of the month, but I always notice it around the full moon. x

  2. I have just been talking about this as this last few days my 3 year old had been a nightmare and not his usual self. He had even wet the bed the last couple of nights including tonight, again not normal for him and the only thing I can put it down to is the moon. Nice to know someone else has the same opinion. Let’s hope they get better

  3. Karen McCann

    This is the chicken and the egg! But in general I think the moon can affect people’s moods. Most adults should be able to regulate mood swings but children haven’t developed the skills yet. It may only affect some of a group of children but a group of any kind, tend to follow the mood of the energetic! I don’t really remember it affecting my own but noticed it more in general as I got older.
    I think sudden changes in the weather can affect people too. I know quite a few people who get headaches when the pressure changes. There are probably lots of things we don’t really know about but maybe the work on the ISS will help us understand more. A lot of people’s messages involved queries about whether the moon has more effect on the astronauts being closer to it. No answers so far!
    All I can say is remember that feeling of relief as you soaked up the silence, during the chaos of the next full moon!

  4. Thankfully N’s behaviour is fairly neutral all year round, although he does go a bit hyper before bedtimes when the OH comes in. Although I do have friends who all mention the full moon coinciding with weird behaviour.

  5. I’ve never actually noticed but recently I have seen a few things about a full moon affecting kids behaviour so I don’t think you’re alone Cathryn. I will have to check it out. My kids’ behaviour does seem to go from the sublime to the ridiculous and mostly i put it down to tiredness, especially for the older one who gets up and dawn’s crack and then won’t go to sleep early to make up for it. Next month, I’m keeping a diary! Xxx

  6. recoverymummy-cardiff

    100% yes!! My sons get really agitated and play me up something rotten. I thought it was only me who thought this way haha xx

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