What mums really want for Mother’s Day – 19 South Wales mums reveal their ideal gift

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You could hardly have failed to notice that it’s Mother’s Day this weekend. The shops are filled with scented candles, fluffy slippers, fluffy toys, best mum key rings and huge bouquets of flowers, and every restaurant and tearoom is running a special menu in honour of us mums.

But what do us mummas really want for Mother’s Day? I asked 19 South Wales blogging mummies what their ideal gift would be. Here’s what’s at the top of their lists…. and most of their requests are gifts that money can’t buy.

And as for what mums don’t want…. I’m one of three mum bloggers talking on Bristol shopping centre Cabot Circus’s website about the gifts we would rather not have received but pretended to love in any case.

What would you like for Mother’s Day, this Sunday 26th March? Let me know in the comments below, on the Cardiff Mummy Says Facebook page or by tweeting me on @cardiffmummy

Georgina of Pixie Does

“What I’d love for Mother’s Day is lots and lots of cuddles from my toddler son, Squidge. I’d love to be woken up with a cup of tea and maybe some toast, that’d be a real treat, and maybe later in the day a nice cupcake. Oh and you know, normal things like having a wee without an audience!”


Jo from OJo’s World

“I’d like a lovely afternoon tea, with my mam, that someone else pays for. My mam drives me crazy, but I wouldn’t be without her. She is the rock that keeps me standing when it all gets a bit much.”


Kelly of Kelly Allen Writer

“I would love a day without responsibility. So instead of thinking I need to cook, clean, wash up, do specific activities, go here, blog about that, edit my book, I’d love a full on family day of breakfast in bed all together, board games, Lego, dog walks, hugs… No internet or phones, no interruptions… Just the kids, my husband Warren, the dog and me being together without any distractions.”

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Jo of First Time Valley Mam

“What I’d really love is for Z, who has autism, just to say ‘hi Mam’! Or to sleep all night! Or something even simple like eating a new food.”

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Kerry of All About A Mini Norris

“I’d really like a spa day where I could relax and read a book. I’d like a nice hot stone massage and a sauna. I’d also like a pair of pastel pink Converse trainers.”


Alana of Baby Holiday

“I was going to say I’d love a lie in and a day of peace and quiet for Mother’s Day. But I actually want the opposite. I’m away with work for the week and it’s the longest time I’ve been away from my biggest boy, and the first time away on my own from our littlest. It sounds cheesy, but for Mother’s Day I’m so looking forward to being back with my crazy duo.”

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Emily of Twin Mummy and Daddy

“A day of no arguments! My twin girls (5) are going through a phase of arguing and winding one another up on a daily basis. I feel like all I ever do is shout at them most days. A day of them getting along nicely would be very much welcomed.”

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Kaz of Ickle Pickle’s Life

“I’d love a roast dinner cooked for me whilst I watch my favourite film –and the washing up done The film would be Steel Magnolias or Top Gun I think. Or Officer and a Gentleman! Dinner would be a really nice joint of beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and all the veg! Raspberry pavlova for desert. Not much to ask for really!”


Kerry of Kerry-Lynne Pyke

My perfect gift would be an undisturbed lie in. Our children get up at 5.30am every day, which is early but something I’ve got used too. But we’ve recently moved our toddler from a cot to a toddler bed and sleep has been a challenge so a lie in would be the best thing for me this Mother’s Day. Oh and chocolate of course!


Catherine of Passports and Adventures

“One day of not having a toddler screaming “NO!” at the top of his lungs on the hour, every hour. Failing that a lie-in would be fantastic.”


Jenna of Then There Were Three

“I’m already getting my Mother’s Day ultimate gift – a day in work  – headphones in and peace and quiet whilst the hubby does his duties at home, lol! But other than that I would love a bath in peace!”


Heledd from Yummy Blogger

A dishwasher! With a toddler and baby in tow, I swear I spend half my days washing dishes and putting them away. I honestly think a dishwasher would change my life! We don’t currently have space for one…. so we’re buying a new house that I can fit ten dishwashers in.”


Nicola from Mummy Wales

I’d like the Little Charmers to swish their wands and bring back my pre-baby boobs. And I’d like someone else to clean the bathroom. While I sleep.”


Kate of The Hippy Christian Mum

“Afternoon tea with my mum would be nice as she lives about three hours away from me now and I haven’t seen her much since she moved. And Estee Lauder double wear foundation because it’s been recommended to me twice this week!”


Carla of Single-Pregant-Preemie

“I wish I could grow another pair of hands – I’m so fed up of having to choose between playing with L or household chores. So I usually end up failing at both.


Leanne of A Slice of my life Wales 

A day of no bickering. Spencer and I always bicker over the silly little things and Aria moans over everything. It would be to have one day of no arguments, no bickering and no moaning. Unfortunately I feel that this is impossible with a husband and a two year old. We will bicker though. He hates Barry Island and I make him take me every year for Mother’s Day. It’s the only time I can get him to take me as he has no choice!”


Laura of Sidestreet Style

“I would love my kids to purchase me a charity gift – for example the ones that Oxfam offer like The Feed a Family gift for £7. The money is donated towards those in need – feel goodness all round.


Hayley of Mam in the Mountains

“I’d love an illustrated portrait of my family. I’ve recently had my third child, who has completed our family. We’re also currently renovating our new home and I would love a portrait of the five us – we haven’t managed many pictures of all of us together yet – to put up in our new house. I love illustrated portraits as I feel they are a bit different.”


Chantele of Two Hearts One Roof

“I’d like a massage please! I had a maternity one last year as I was pregnant so I would like a proper one this year now he’s here – just a tiny bit of me time to relax!”

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