7 things I know as a mummy of a girl

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I was so touched with the beautiful responses I got to last week’s post, 5 things I know as a mummy of boys. A lot of mums, dads and grandparents told me the little men in their lives are multi-dimensional characters who might like trains, superheroes and kicking around a football, but who are just as partial to princess films and wearing their mum’s high heels around the house. And long may it continue.

However, I couldn’t leave my daughter out – because I want the same things for her. A world where she can pursue her dreams without people telling her that certain options aren’t available to her because of her gender. She is unashamedly what you might term a ‘girlie girl’. She loves pink, glitter, ballet, princesses, brightly-coloured plastic jewellery, pretty dresses, and all the rest of it. And I love her for it.

But that’s not all she is. She has a whole other side of her personality that I encourage her to embrace too – things that some people might call ‘boyish’.

I know not every little girl will enjoy these ‘boyish’ things, and that’s fine too. The most important thing, as I said last week, is to let kids be kids, and toys be toys.

But based on my own experiences, and from conversations I’ve had with various friends who have daughters, here are seven things I know as a mummy of a girl.

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1. She loves Frozen, Cinderella and Rapunzel – but she watched the original Star Wars trilogy recently for the first time and thought it was amazing.

Frozen and Star Wars collage


2. She loves her weekly ballet lessons – but is just as happy kicking a football about.


Ballet football montage

3. She loves dressing up as a princess – but makes an awesome superhero too.

Superhero and princess collage


4. She loves making daisy chains – but climbing a tree and squelching in mud is such fun too.

Girls love mud


5. She loves playing with her princess dolls and ponies – but is just as happy with trains, cars and superheroes.

Cinderella and Batman dolls

6. She looks lovely in pink – but just as good in blue or green.

Pink and blue girls clothes montage

7. Sometimes she comes home from school saying something is not for girls. It makes me so sad to hear her say those words – but both her Daddy and I are bringing her up to know that’s definitely not true.

Girls climb trees


Can you relate to this with your own daughter/s? Do let me know in the comment section below, on the Cardiff Mummy Says Facebook page or by tweeting me on @cardiffmummy


7 Comments to 7 things I know as a mummy of a girl

  1. Absolutely. My daughter loves dinosaurs – and Elsa. She adores colouring and tea parties for her bears – but is also a loud, destructive little whirlwind. I hope that continues for a long time! Well, maybe a little bit quieter…

    • Cardiff Mummy Says

      Sounds like a perfect balance. So lovely for children to be able to embrace all aspects of childhood and not just “pink” or “blue” activities x

  2. I replied to yur post about boys agreeing with it and now I agree with this one too as my daughters are happy to do all of those things. We definetly have a house where everyone can do anything they like regardless of gender. Great posts and its great that so many people bring up their children this way now.

    • Cardiff Mummy Says

      Yes, it is lovely that so many parents are embracing the idea of kids being kids, and are not just limited to gender specific activities. Glad to hear you could relate to both this post and the other one x

  3. Aw my little girl absolutely loves bugs! But at the same time, she likes to snuggle down on the sofa and watch Tangled! I can totally relate 🙂 x

  4. Kerry norris

    Definetley. As much as eva loves frozen and disney princesses she is also obsessed with Disney cars. She loves girly toys but also loves trucks etc. X

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