Things that happened at school this week (or why Mummy is ready for half term)

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Last day of school tomorrow for most Cardiff kids.

Mummy is so ready for a break from school and routine and to have all her babies home for a week.

And yes, yes, I know. That means a week of having to entertain the little darlings in the cold, wet Welsh winter weather, without it costing a fortune and without everyone hating each other by the end of the week. (If you’re looking for things to do, then here’s some blatant self-promotion for my February family-friendly events listings).

I know some people dread the holidays, but I love them. No rushing to get out the door in the morning. No school runs in the rain. Lazy mornings, day trips, doing what we please.

It’s been a long seven week half term. Half the country did the sensible thing and had this week off instead. But now it’s our turn. 

Never mind the kids. Never mind the teachers. I need the holiday. A break from the school runs and all the chaos and routine.

Our week’s gone something like this. Nothing bad, nothing major, just… you know… relentless.

What about you? Do let me know in the comments below, on the Cardiff Mummy Says Facebook page or by tweeting me on @cardiffmummy

1. The week started with a dress up day that involved making a last minute superhero costume for one child, buying a cheap dinosaur t-shirt for another child, and almost being late for school because we forgot we needed to make a dinosaur-themed snack and were improvising some weird puff pastry and jam combination at the same time as eating breakfast/making packed lunches/nagging kids to put their shoes on and the rest of it.

2. Middle child came home wearing one of his own shoes and one of someone else’s. Same style shoe, different sizes. No name in the rogue shoe and despite posting on our class Facebook page, and asking the teacher, no one wants to claim it and no one has his shoe (which does have his name in it).

3. On the same day, the eldest child came home wearing a cardigan that wasn’t hers. Luckily it had a name label so we returned it to her friend… but there’s no sign of her cardigan (which again has her name in it so it’s not like people can’t tell it’s not theirs) anywhere. 

4. A four-page letter about treating head lice. This must be serious, as usually it’s just a small slip of paper. They are rife in school at the moment. I’ve been checking heads every other day and so far we are clear… but I just can’t stop itching!

5. There’s an enterprise fair tomorrow afternoon which will involve me having to spend loads of money on my kids’ arts and crafts.

6. We’ve had two evenings where one child has had an after school club or meeting but the other didn’t, meaning hanging around in the coffee shop opposite school for an hour, between pick ups.

7. Leaving super early in in the morning so you’re not late for school but getting stuck in crazy traffic, there not being anywhere to park, and only just making it through the gates as they are being locked. Twice in one week.

8. Tired, emotional kids suffering from what one of my friends affectionately calls ‘end-of-term-itis.

9. “I feel sick. My tummy hurts. I can’t go today.” They don’t look poorly… but what if they are, and I have to do the walk of shame to school to pick them up after they’ve puked everywhere?

10. School Eisteddfod (celebration of Welsh culture, for those of you outside of Wales… singing, poetry and the like) nerves. “I don’t want to do it. You can’t make me.” I know.

11. School reading books. “They’re boring. I don’t want to read them. You can’t make me.” I did.

12. Knackered Mummy from staying up really late all week frantically trying to finish off her work, because she has no childcare next week.

13. Not to mention all the usual pick ups, drop offs, making of packed lunches, after school activities and play dates, dropping Toddler off at Cylch (Welsh playgroup).

Never mind the kids; mummy is exhausted. Happy half term, folks!

6 Comments to Things that happened at school this week (or why Mummy is ready for half term)

  1. How bizarre is the shoe situation?! And I itched my head just reading point 4! It sounds like the half term is very much needed – I hope you have a lovely one! On the plus side, it does seem to be warming up a little here in Wales… Now we just need to have a little less rain. I hold out for miracles!

  2. Aw I LOVE how much you LOVE your kids 🙂 I am not afraid to admit, I don’t miss any of this about school, and how exhausted they are so close to the hols 🙁 I know they’ll have a fab week with you, can’t wait to see what you get up to xx

  3. We’re just getting to the end of our half term – I am slightly looking forward to the quiet of my office tomorrow (as I try frantically to catch up on work after a week off)

  4. You weren’t wrong about the wet Welsh weather, it’s not been great so far! I agree with you though, I and the little ones were so ready for half term. As much as I love getting out and about, a couple of lazy days in pjs and snuggling up when it’s raining and cold outside have been just what we needed. Happy half term! 🙂

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