Children’s fashion – three new autumn outfits for my daughter


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You know when your kids suddenly have a growth spurt and you discover none of their clothes fit them? The colder autumn weather has made me realise that my daughter, 6 ¾ -year-old Little Miss E, had outgrown a lot of her wardrobe,  and so I promised her she could choose a couple of new outfits to wear.My children mostly live in clothes from supermarkets and hand-me-downs from relatives – but I do like them to have a couple of decent, smarter, outfits too. My eldest two spend so much time in school uniform, it’s always so nice to see them out of it.

Our first stop was Tesco’s F&F section. I’ve always been impressed by Tesco clothing because it’s generally good quality, lasts well, isn’t too expensive and I can combine it with the food shop too.

Tesco pinifore dress 1

We both loved this burgundy cord pinafore dress (£14) as soon as we saw it – it’s such a perfect colour for autumn. The striped jumper (£6) on the same rail was a natural choice to wear underneath it, and she can also team this with leggings or her denim skirt. She already has chunky knitted tights, but the outfit is crying out for a pair of boots to accompany it, so that’s next on our shopping list.

In this picture, she’s wearing it in St David’s Shopping Centre in Cardiff, in front of the fantastic wall art from I Loves The Diff, who create the most brilliant Welsh-themed cards, prints and other merchandise.

Tesco dress lifestyle shot

The second outfit comes from Next. I adore their children’s clothing – although it can be pricey! Miss E spotted this floral skirt (£10) and we found a two-pack of t-shirts with ruffle trim sleeves (£7). Again, they are items that can be mixed and matched, so I thought it was good value.

Next skirt

We’re looking out for a dusky pink cardigan or jumper to go with it, as well as the aforementioned winter boots.

The third outfit was an amazing bargain. I spotted this dress on the sale rail at John Lewis a few weeks ago. The label said £10, which I thought was brilliant for a John Lewis dress, but when I got to the counter, it turned out it was further reduced to a fiver. Miss E loved the glittery elbow patches.

John Lewis dress

Amazing! If only I could find myself a new dress for a fiver too!

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