Mummy style – a new top for a night out with my mummy friends


I’m loving the weather now that the sun is shining and it’s finally warming up. However, it’s made me realise I have no clothes suitable for spring and summer. I know we women say we have nothing to wear all the time, but I promise I’m not exaggerating. I had a massive declutter of my wardrobe and got rid of anything which is too small (pre-kids and I figure if it doesn’t fit me now, it’ll never fit me), anything too big (bought when I was carrying a bit of extra baby weight), anything which was too stretched (from wearing it over a bump or constantly lifting it up to breastfeed), and anything which was past its best and too faded, worn or bobbled (most of my wardrobe).

I was shocked just how little was left – a couple of summer dresses, some cropped jeans and two tops, both of which are dark colours and in which I’d probably feel like I was melting if we get a proper summer this year.

I’m planning on treating myself to a little shopping spree in town when I can find the time (ha!), but in the meantime, I picked up this top while doing my grocery shopping in Tesco last week.

14 05 2016 Mummy style Tesco floral top

Yes, the 20-something me who used to write the fashion pages as part of her job as a journalist, and would spend her lunch hours browsing all the shops in town, is cringing with embarrassment that present-day-me buys her clothes in supermarkets while rushing around with her kids. But when you’re a frazzled mum of three it’s so hard to find time to go shopping and I think the supermarkets have done a great job in cottoning on to this and catering for mums like me, offering style and comfort at affordable prices.

I’ve really struggled since having children to find my style again. My body has changed so much for a start that I’m not always sure what suits me. I want clothes that are practical for life with little ones, but I also want to feel stylish, rather than mumsy and frumpy. I spent the best part of six years either pregnant or breastfeeding and barely bought any new clothes because there didn’t seem much point when my body was up and down all the time.

But I’m not ashamed to admit it got to the point where I was feeling really down about looking so dowdy. Just because you’re a mum, it doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to care about how you look any more! Regular readers will remember I did some fashion posts back in the autumn and winter about re-finding my style – and although I love my new clothes, and they give me so much confidence, they’re not so great now the warmer weather is on its way.

14 05 2016 Mummy style Tesco top

I’ve had two mummies’ nights out this weekend (I know, check me out with the social life! I feel like I have regressed seven years or something, going out two nights out in a row) and when I saw this floral print sleeveless blouse, £14, in Tesco, I knew it would be perfect. I love the feminine print, the colours are lovely and light for spring, while the high neck and ruffles nod to the current Victoriana trend, without being overly fussy.

I’m wearing the top with a pair of light blue jeans from River Island (excuse the state of the grass in our garden). These used to be my super-skinny-super-sexy jeans way before I had children. I’ve kept them in my wardrobe just in case… and now they finally fit me again. I love them as much as I always did. The glittery gold shoes are from Peacocks and I bought them in the sale just before Christmas for a glam night out. I can’t walk very far in them if I’m honest, but there’s nothing like a pair of sparkly heels to put you in the mood for a night out. That said, neutral block wedge sandals would look just as good for a more practical outfit.

14 05 2016 Mummy style Tesco cardigan

I completed the look with this salmon cardigan, £10, also from Tesco, and added a pair of gold earrings and cuff bangle. It always feels like such a treat to wear big dangly earrings without the risk of little hands pulling on them.

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12 Comments to Mummy style – a new top for a night out with my mummy friends

  1. Lovely! Very summery and really suits you – I never seem to be in the right supermarkets (or too busy online) but need to check these out a bit more to give my wardrobe a bit of a refresh too.

  2. I felt exactly the same a couple of weeks ago…I had no nice tops for the summer so I had to buy some and today I had a big clear out….
    I love that floral top….It is so pretty and summery! You look fabulous!
    I hope you have a great time when you’re out x

  3. I find myself just wearing the same things over and over again usually something black! Love the pretty pattern and that coral cardigan is such a lovely summer colour! x

  4. Ahh thanks a really cute little summery top!! I love the supermarkets for a quick purchase they really do have some super stuff in! xx

  5. I can so relate to this post in that I have no going out clothes any more. It is so handy having the clothes section in Tesco and it’s not that bad! You look great and hope you had a great two nights out! Xx

  6. I’m the exact same. I did some decluttering there too. I bought a chunk of new clothes in h&m the other day because I dropped 1 1/2 sizes. That’s without even trying lol

  7. I also struggle to find my style since becoming a Mama especially as my body has changed too. I scoured pinterest for ages looking for styles i like and have slowly been building my wardrobe back up again after a huge clear out. I recently bought a dress from tesco and it’s become a firm fave, I love that blouse on you, it looks lovely! xo

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