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It’s been a while since my last fashion post. Mostly because I just haven’t had time – or money, for that matter – to go shopping!

However, when I took my boys into town earlier in the week to go to Central Library and The Cardiff Story, I couldn’t help but notice John Lewis were having a sale. And I had birthday money to spend. So we nipped in quickly, created havoc in the changing rooms, and I came away with a new dress.

Oasis – which has a concession in John Lewis – is one of my favourite shops and I know I’ll always find something I like in there. It’s not the cheapest of shops (although I do find the quality makes it worth it) so it’s even better when it is reduced, such as this gorgeous white, orange and black dress, down from £42 to £25.

Oasis dress

I thought it would be perfect for the summer. As I’ve written before, I’ve felt so dowdy when it comes to fashion, and am only just slowly re-finding myself after spending six years pregnant or breast feeding and my weight in between being up and down. I’m trying to be more adventurous with colours and although I wouldn’t usually have picked up a dress like this, I was strangely drawn to it.

I also got these fabulous heeled sandals from Dune. They weren’t in the sale and cost (look away now Cardiff Daddy!) £75 – but I am desperate for summer shoes, as all mine are falling apart. I have such narrow feet, I really struggle to get sandals that fit, but these ones actually do fit, so to me they are worth the expense. They’re also surprisingly comfortable to walk in, despite the huge heel.

So there we have it – a new outfit for a summer night out. And perfect timing because tonight I am meeting a bunch of my blogging mummy friends for a very exciting night out…. but more of that later!

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