MORE simple things I didn’t really appreciate until I had children


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I love that so many of the lovely mummies and daddies reading my blog could relate to yesterday’s post 10 simple things I didn’t really appreciate until I had children. With your help, here are some more simple things we take for granted before we become parents.

1. L says, “I really miss swimming and getting changed on my own. I always make sure the girls are ok and then I can cobble myself together. By which time I’m freezing!”

2. Karan says, “I miss enjoying cooking. I used to love indulging in even 30 minutes of peaceful creation. Now a 30-minute meal takes an hour and a half with the pan being turned on and off 5 times during due to a wee, poo, nappy change, fight, fall or the nice one, a cuddle need!”

3. Abelene says, “That I could run errands so easily and quickly! What I used to be able to do in a morning now takes all week! Oh, and shopping for clothes for me – I only seem to buy new tees from supermarkets these day, lol. But I wouldn’t swop it for the world

4. Laura says, “Don’t forget the luxury of eating chocolate out in the open and not sneakily stuffing it into your face in the kitchen as though it is some kind of terrible drug!”

5. Lou says, “Swearing. I know not everyone swears, or likes bad language, but I used to do it lots before children. I would be mortified if my children said a rude word though, so I have to really watch what I say.”

6. Lou also says, “Taking the stairs. That was so easy. Now, with a buggy, I have to find a lift, which is usually the other side of the building and takes ages to come, or go the long way round a lamp. I hope this does not sound patronising, but I certainly have a new empathy for how difficult life must be for people who use wheelchairs.”

7. Bethan says, “Being able to choose what I really want to eat in a restaurant or cafe, instead of ordering something that is suitable to share and that is ultimately taken over completely by the kids, leaving me with their leftovers!”




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  1. Oh, I do 7! Especially with a fussy toddler – I order things she might like, in case she’s inspired by seeing me eating them. Inevitably she never wants to, and I really regret not ordering the thing I wanted in the first place…

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