25 easy ideas for Elf on the Shelf – suitable for young children

Our elves have arrived!

Our elves have arrived!

Our elves have just landed on the kitchen table, ready for the countdown to Christmas!

I can’t wait to see my children’s faces in the morning! Each elf on the shelf has written a letter of introduction and brought lots of goodies with them – wooden advent calendars, Christmas pyjamas, Christmas jumpers, a new Christmas book, a Christmas film and a special decoration to put on the tree.

Now I realise this all looks very over the top, but our elves are very good at shopping in the sales and finding hand-me-down Christmas clothing. I’ve seen lots of discussions online about Christmas Eve boxes – this is my version, because they get all month to enjoy their goodies and not just one day.

I think the wooden advent calendars are gorgeous. They’re not cheap – around £20 each – but I hope my children will use them every year, and take them with them if and when they have their own families. One year, Little E got beads in hers every day, so that she could make her very own advent necklace. When they were very young, they had raisins, grapes and other snacks This year, they have jigsaw pieces – one every day so that they can build the picture up throughout December. I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate advent calendars but Little E and Little O have one of those from their grandparents, so they will be happy.

Our elves have come with a box-full of goodies!

Our elves have come with a box-full of goodies!

We have three elves this year. Tallulah Tippy Twinkletoes and Sammy Shimmering Stardust are back for the second year, and they have brought their new baby brother Georgie Giggles Glitterbug with them. Just like Baby I, it is his first Christmas too.

When I was searching for Elf on the Shelf ideas, I noticed that a lot of them were quite mischievous. My children really don’t need any encouragement when it comes to bad behaviour, so I’ve asked our elves not to be too naughty. Also, some elves hide around the house and the children have to find them. Our mornings are rushed enough as it is, so our elves are quite easy to find!

If you missed my original Elf on the Shelf post, you can find out all about this tradition and how we got on last year here. You can join in at any time – it doesn’t matter if you don’t do the full 24 days. I have one friend who is only doing it at weekends because she has to leave so early for work. The cheapest elf I have found is in Card Factory for 99p!

If you have an elf coming to stay, do let me know on my Facebook page and feel free to let everyone know what your elf has been up to, as it’s always great to have new ideas. I’ll be posting on how we are getting on with our elves regularly over the next three weeks.

Here are some of the ideas we have come up with.

1. Changing the colour of the milk (with edible food dye).
2. The word elf written out with Dulpo letters on a Lego base.
3. Having a tea party with Little E’s tea set.
4. Hiding inside the cereal container.
5. Wrapped up in toilet roll.
6. Wearing Little E and Little O’s sunglasses.
7. Sat inside coffee cups.
8. Sat on a plate with empty mince pie wrappers.
9. Rowing in a Tupperware boat in the sink.
10. Sleeping in their sleeping bags made from Mummy’s socks.
11. Being traumatised by toy dinosaurs.
12. One elf trapped in a box with the other two sat on top.
13. Sliding down a slide made from a tray.
14. Covered in stickers.
15. Wearing Little E’s doll’s dresses.
16. Playing a game of Snap.
17. Reading a story to the other toys.
18. Racing on top of toy cars.
19. Sat in the toy baby buggy.
20. Hanging from the lightshade in Mummy’s bra!
21. Sat on the TV, which they have wrapped with newspaper.
22. Having a snowball fight with cotton wool balls.
23. In the bathroom, where they have turned the toilet water green!
24. A message such as Be Good written out with breakfast cereal.
25. Hiding inside the Christmas stockings.

Cheeky elves!

Cheeky elves!

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