Getting back to a healthier me – end of week 2

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Last week was a real up and down week. I started off so well, but then everything went wrong with no hot water, a crashed car and so on, and I found myself turning to a huge pizza, too much wine with my girlfriends and salt and vinegar crisps for breakfast the following day.

This week, I have had just the one glass of wine all week, no chocolate, cake or biscuits (okay… maybe just one small bite when we went to the coffee shop for an after school treat), and have eaten super healthily all week.

As you’ll know if you saw my Instagram Stories, I had a big cook up of pea and mint soup, leek and potato soup, and homemade baked beans on Saturday, so that’s lunch times sorted for the next few weeks.

Home made baked beans recipe

Tonight, it was one of my favourites for tea for me – roasted butternut squash, spinach, feta and pine nuts. Super healthy and super tasty.

I’ve been making a real effort to increase my home yoga practice. Before I had kids, I used to do an hour a day, most days, and attended two classes a week. It’s not so easy with three kids and two jobs. I tried getting up early and fitting in my practice before everyone else woke up, but no matter how quiet I was, it would wake my children up, and they’d be cranky for the rest of the day or want to join in with me, meaning I’d get nothing done. I work a lot of evenings, either teaching yoga or on my blog and other freelance work, so it’s not always possible to practice then – and my body is really feeling it, so I’m trying to find ways to get more yoga into my life.

I’m trying to squeeze in my yoga little and often (I find Yoga with Adriene’s YouTube channel is brilliant for this). On Saturday morning, I got out of bed as soon as everyone woke up, and grabbed an hour of strong vinyasa flow on my mat while Cardiff Daddy looked after the little people. They did keep on running in and out of the room wanting to join in, and I could hear some tantrums over breakfast, so it wasn’t the most relaxing of sessions, but I felt so good for doing it, and the next day my muscles had that lovely ache.

I’m teaching some extra yoga classes this week, for a friend who is on holiday, and I’ll be getting to the studio extra early not just to set up, but to get my own practice in first.

I’m feeling really good this week – clearer, more energetic, more toned.

However,  my weight loss this week? 1lb. Yep, a whole pound. That brings the total lost to 3lb.

Ah well, there’s always next week.

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