One – a poem for my baby on his first birthday

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Baby Boy I was one recently. Is it just me or does time absolutely fly by when you have children? It seems like no time at all ago that Cardiff Daddy and I were meeting him for the first time, completely overwhelmed with emotion that we had been blessed with our third child.

Baby didn’t have the best first birthday as his brother had chicken pox and he was under the weather with a cold and conjunctivitis. But we made the most of the day anyway, and enjoyed a quiet day at home and had a little tea party when his sister got home from school. In the run-up to his birthday, we kept telling Little Miss E and Little Man O that “this time a year ago, he was still inside Mummy’s tummy”… and before I knew it, this poem had popped into my head.

One - first birthday poem


This time a year ago

You were still inside my tummy.

I couldn’t wait to meet you,

Couldn’t wait to be your mummy.


We didn’t have a clue

If a girl or boy you’d be,

We were just so excited,

To complete our family.


You were born on a Wednesday,

Which makes you full of woe.

The rhyme has it all wrong though

As you’re the happiest child I know.


Your laugh is infectious,

Your whole body shakes with joy.

The simplest things are funny

To you, our gorgeous boy.


Daddy’s silly dancing,

Mummy playing peekaboo,

Your brother and sister singing,

Are all hilarious to you.


The only time you scream and shout

Is when you can see food.

Mummy telling you it’s still too hot

Really puts you in a mood.


You love it when we read you books,

You love to sing and clap your hands,

You love to crawl across the floor,

And pull yourself to stand.


You’ll soon be saying your first words,

And take your first steps too.

It’s going to be such an adventure,

The next 12 months with you.


The last year has gone so quickly,

I can’t believe you’re nearly one.

I’m so grateful to have you in my life,

My gorgeous darling son.


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6 Comments to One – a poem for my baby on his first birthday

  1. fabfood4all

    What a lovely poem, I remember being inspired to write poetry about my 1st born and then life just got so busy the poetry stopped. Keep up the good work and belated Happy Birthday to your gorgeous son:-)

  2. Haha! Lovely poem….Joni gets cross about food not being immediately in her mouth too. I love that this just “popped” into your head! That’s a talent Missus! 😀

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