School run style – burgundy fashions from Primark and Warehouse

School run style

I’ve spent most of the last six and half years either pregnant, breastfeeding or carrying a bit of excess baby weight. As a result, I’ve spent most of that time in maternity wear or outfits I could breastfeed in. In between, I’ve made do with clothes that are well past their best – because there’s no point buying too many new things when you’re planning more babies or losing the baby weight.

However, now that my third child, Baby Boy I, is 18 months old, and we’re not planning on having any more, it’s struck me that I have nothing to wear. I’m not exaggerating when I say that. I’ve made do for the last few years and every morning when I look in my wardrobe, I struggle to find things to wear. You’d never believe from looking at me now that I used to write about fashion as part of my job. I’ve become the typical mum who chooses practical over style.

However, I’m now on something of a wardrobe mission and am doing my best to combine both – stylish clothes that fit in with the mum-of-three lifestyle, and without it costing a fortune.

Last week I wrote about two looks picked for me by the new personal shopper at Gap Cardiff. I must admit, I wasn’t expecting the post to be as popular as it was! I was overwhelmed by the response. As a mum, it’s difficult to know where to look to find style inspiration because we parents are a much-neglected demographic when it comes to the fashion media.

So today, I’m sharing a few things I bought on a recent much-needed shopping trip, all of them are high street buys purchased here in Cardiff and, as I accidentally discovered when I got home, all of them showcase burgundy, one of this season’s big shades.

Outfit 1

School run style

The first outfit is a knitted tunic jumper from Warehouse, £40. It comes with a belt but that looked awful on me, so I’ve been wearing it without. The super skinny black jeans are from Primark and cost £12. Primark is one of the few shops that does a 28” leg length for shorties like me and in fairness, despite their low cost, all my jeans from there have lasted really well. The gold leaf-motif necklace is from New Look, priced £7.99. This has been such a great buy as it’s proving so versatile.

The brown ankle boots are from Dune. They weren’t exactly cheap at £89 (please don’t tell Cardiff Daddy!) but the stack heel makes them so comfortable and having had Dune boots before, I know how well they last. I’ve had them a week and a half and worn them pretty much every day so I think these will definitely be worth the money. At this time of year, it’s good to have footwear that covers up more of your foot than summer shoes but isn’t quite full-on winter boots.

Outfit 2

school run style

In this second picture, I’ve teamed the same Primark jeans, New Look necklace and Dune boots with a burgundy blouse, also from Primark, priced £10. This is a look that’s all over the high street and is so easy to wear. I love the lace detail on the back of this blouse. I’m looking for an oversized cardigan to wear with it when the weather gets colder, but so far I’ve not found what I have in mind.

Outfit 3

School run style

The dress in this third photo captures a number of this season’s trends – the colour burgundy, the suedette fabric and an A-line shape. I got the dress from Primark, priced £13, but I’ve seen similar styles in a number of high street stores. I’m wearing it here with 60-denier opaque black tights from Tesco, plus the same Dune ankle boots and New Look leaf-motif gold necklace as featured above. I think it’d look just as good with a scarf, a chunky cardigan, or worn over a black polo-neck jumper (they’re back in style this year!) when the cold weather sets in. The oversized brown tote bag was a birthday present from a group of my girlfriends and is from John Lewis,.

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12 Comments to School run style – burgundy fashions from Primark and Warehouse

    • Cardiff Mummy Says

      The store in Cardiff is so big now! I tend to go in first thing in the morning before it gets too busy! I’ve been really impressed with their jeans in fairness as it’s so rare to find 28″ leg fittings and they’ve lasted well. x

  1. I don’t envy the other mothers on the school run! These outfits are so fashionable, you look great. I’m fancying the dress for work … Might have to pop to Primark!
    Alana x

    • Cardiff Mummy Says

      They have loads of lovely stuff there at the moment, I was really impressed. I think after spending six years in maternity/breastfeeding/make-do clothes, I needed to do something to feel like the old me again! Hope you find the dress. They also have a really similar one in Tesco and online for about £20. x

  2. I love the fact you’re enjoying fashion again, I’ve only had one little one who is 4 now so never really found myself in mummy fashion rut but I can see how so many do. I love this colour on you. Such a good length too. My favourite is the Primark dress! It would be lovely to have you join in with #StreetStyleSunday which opens at 10am

    • Cardiff Mummy Says

      It happened a lot easier than I would ever have thought! I feel so much better in myself for having a little shopping spree though. I will take a look at the linkie, thanks for mentioning it x

  3. This is so helpful. (And the Gap one – LOVE the dress!) My twins are 19 months old and I’m still wearing maternity clothes because I didn’t want to buy anything new for it to be covered in sticky hands! I’m also a shorty too. I don’t feel like I’m freakishly short (5.3) but it’s such a struggle to find trousers on the high street. Thank you for inspiring me to shop again. (And also for your advice when we took the girlies to Cardiff!) X

    • Cardiff Mummy Says

      Oh, it’s really hard shopping when you are short, isn’t it? I get so frustrated at times. Completely know what you mean about not wanting to be covered in sticky hands and goodness knows what else, but I just got to a stage where I couldn’t believe how “mumsy” I was looking and wanted to get some of the old me back! Hope you have fun shopping, glad to hear it inspired you. And hope you enjoyed your trip to Cardiff too x

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