The unfortunate incident of the trainers that didn’t make it back from holiday

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This little boy is spontaneous and daring. He loves to live in the moment. During our recent visit to Aberaeron (more on that to come) he ran towards the water too quickly for us to stop him and before we knew it he was knee deep in the waves, ignoring our shouts to stop. He was wearing his trainers and fully clothed. He played in the water for ages, the biggest of smiles on his face, laughing and shrieking with glee.

And then it was time to leave. His trainers, socks and trousers were, naturally, soaked through. As his wet clothing stuck to his little body a look of despair spread across his face. He was not happy. We took his shoes and socks off. I carried the shoes and Cardiff Daddy carried the four year old on his shoulders. We walked back to the car, I went to the toilet, handing the trainers to Cardiff Daddy.

Charged with trying to get three over-tired and squabbling children into the car on his own he put the trainers on the top of the car (why?!). I came back none the wiser, did my seat belt up and off we headed on the hour-ling drive back to the caravan where we were staying.

As we unloaded the car, in the dusk, a look of horror crossed Cardiff Daddy’s face as he realised what had happened.

“His trainers!”

Needless to say they weren’t on the car roof any more. We checked inside the car and the boot just in case he had actually moved them inside the car. But no. They were well and truly gone.

We considered one of us retracing our journey, but it was getting dark, it would have been a two-hour round trip, and they could be anywhere along the winding country roads of Ceredigion. Luckily we only had one day left of our holiday and the weather was good so he got by with his sandals.

We got back to Cardiff late last night. Cardiff Daddy was out the door for work at 7.45am. I’ve done seven loads of washing and been to the shops.

To buy new trainers, obviously.

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