Children’s fashion – what my seven-year-old daughter is wearing

Once upon a time, I used to be able to choose all of Little Miss E’s clothes. But now my daughter is an oh-so-feisty seven year old, developing her own sense of style. She is well and truly the master of her own wardrobe. I just provide the finances when she is in need of new things to wear. She seems to have had a growth spurt because a lot of her favourite clothes no longer fit her and so we’ve been hitting the shops for her to choose a few new outfits.

She’s suddenly making such grown up choices and thinking about coordinating different elements of her wardrobe, rather than just putting together random items of clothing just because she likes them. The days of bright floral leggings clashing with bright spotted tops and 20 hair clips in her hair are no more.

It can be difficult at times because she has grown out of the younger girls’ fashion ranges, which seem to finish at seven, but the older girls clothing is sometimes too grown-up and teenage-like and, in my mind, not appropriate for a seven year old. I have had to say no on some occasions, but mostly her selections have been good.

Here’s what she’s chosen for late spring and summer.

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Floral hoodie, £9.99, H&M

We went in to H&M to stock up on their £2.99 summer dresses, which are available in so many gorgeous colours and patterns and are perfect for the summer. As well as the dresses, we also picked up this gorgeous floral hoodie which is so fab I’d quite like one in my size, please!

Flamingo dress, Tu at Sainsbury’s, £15; denim jacket bought from Gap Outlet, McArthur Glen last summer; Doodles canvas shoes, £28, Clarks

Flamingos are everywhere this season and Miss E is right on trend without even realising it. We saw this dress while grocery shopping and she ran across the store because she loved it so much.

The second photo features artwork from I Loves The Diff and is taken in St David’s Shopping Centre in Cardiff, while were were finding out more about their We Loves The Diff campaign, raising money for homeless people. Read our post here.


Denim dress and white t-shirt, F&F at Tesco, £12; Doodles canvas shoes, £28, Clarks


Another item picked up while grocery shopping. Miss E has realised that Mummy likes versatile clothing and she persuaded me on this two-piece by telling me she could wear it with a long-sleeve top and tights in the winter, and on its own in the summer. My thoughts exactly!

Both photos taken at Dyffryn Gardens.


Denim shirt dress, Primark

We went in to get jeans for me (they are one of the few places to do a petite range that actually fits me) and she somehow came out with this. She’s worn it loads though and absolutely loves it. Nothing ever lasts long in Primark though so if you have no luck there, I’ve also seen similar dresses in Asda and H&M.

First photo taken at Cardiff Central Library.

(Disclaimer: we bought all of these clothes ourselves and the companies did not know we would be writing this post.)

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  1. I recognise that flamingo dress! It is such a fab one that they can wear anywhere. I also love that denim dress from Primary. I totally get what you mean about being inbetween styles in shops, the older girls clothes just look too grown up. Or I could be in denial!

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