South Wales in the snow – families share their snaps


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It actually happened! For the first time in five years we have proper snow in Cardiff and the surrounding areas. It’s a blizzard out there right now with South East Wales on red alert throughout the night. My social media feeds have been full of children enjoying the snow all day – snow angels; snowmen; snowballs; sledging and the rest of it. It’s so lovely to see!

It’s the first time a lot of children I know have seen the snow. Last time it snowed in Cardiff was 2013 and my eldest two were 3 and almost one and a half – so they don’t really remember it. My youngest hadn’t even been born. We headed to Merthyr before Christmas because they were so desperate to see the snow so it’s not quite his first snow but it’s the first time he’s seen it falling in Cardiff.

Today was a real juggle for me as it’s a work day and I had a big deadline for one of my freelance clients. I just about managed to keep the kids entertained, do my work and get out in the snow. But the irony of plonking them in front of the TV on World Book Day so I could get some peace and quiet was not lost on me! On the plus side, they still insisted on wearing their Welsh outfits for St David’s Day.

Here are a few photos from our day plus plenty of snaps from other South Wales families enjoying the snow. I’d love to see what you got up to if you had snow where you live.

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With school cancelled we wrapped up as warmly as we could and headed to our local park here in North Cardiff… complete with sledges.

I bought some new gloves yesterday as I’d lost one of my previous ones… and was swayed by some snow boots which were reduced. They are so worth the money; my feet get so cold in wellies even with extra socks but these were lovely and snuggly. After a lunch of soup and hot chocolate we headed out again… and my children bombarded me with snowballs. Little monkeys! Cardiff Daddy has been in work today but we are hoping to go out again tomorrow. Such a rare occurrence for us to have snow in Cardiff. We need to make the most of it.

Lara, mum of Abbie age 6 and Adam age 8, from Cardiff

“We have had the most super day out on the green outside our houses with our neighbours. The children have been out about three times and each time they have stayed our for well over an hour.  I am very pleased the council made the decision on Wednesday afternoon to give head teachers the go ahead to close schools on Thursday. We have a fantastic community spirit with a green for all the children to play on whatever the weather and today was no exception. We’ve enjoyed watching the children enjoy the snow. It’s been a very action packed day and I am sure they will all sleep well tonight.”


Lisa mum of two, from America, but living in Cardiff

“We made a St David’s Day and World Book Day snowman.”


Kelly, mum of George, 8, and Molly, 7, from Cardiff

“George is eight and Molly is 7. They don’t remember snow at all from when they were little and they were beyond excited and couldn’t wait to play in it.”

Kelly blogs at


Georgina, mum of two, Squidge age 3 and Dot age 6 months, from Caerphilly

“We wrapped up and took the kids out to the garden. Dot lasted all of 10 seconds before bursting into tears at the snow hitting his face – he’s not a fan of the cold or the wind for that matter!”

Georgina blogs at Makeup Pixi


Tracey, mum of three, including Lila age 2, from Cardiff

“We threw our wellies and coats on (and sunglasses?!) then played in the snow on sledges, trampoline and Lila HAD to try and ride her bike in it! Stubborn two year old!”

Tracy is a professional photographer at Ffotograffiaeth TLRees Photography.

Louise, mum of two age 8 and 3, from Cardiff

“The best way to travel.”

Amer mum of two from Cardiff

“My daughter was in the snow by 8am and I was still in my pyjamas inside.”

Bethan, mum of three, age 8, 5 and 2 from Cardiff


Emmamum of twofrom Barry

“We found some really cool icicles at Jackson’s Bay in Barry.”

Emma is an artist – follow her on Instagram here


Leanne, mum of Aria age 3, from Pontypool

“We’ve had loads of fun today! Aria was poorly the last time we had a decent snowfall so this is the first proper snow she has seen. Safe to say she loved it!”

Leanne blogs at A Slice of My Life Wales

Hayley, mum of three, from Merthyr

“This is Noah, 7, and Teddy, 3. It was too cold for the baby. They wouldn’t venture very far as the wind is really bad, only played in the street for about 10 minutes and then came in as it was too cold.”

Hayley blogs at Mam in the Mountains


Lauramum of two, age 8 and 4, from Penarth

“We went outside for 10 minutes before they decided it was too cold so my 2 are indoors eating flavoured sugared ice *eye roll *face palm*”


Ayse, mum of Pops, age 3, from Caerphilly

“The schools decided to close yesterday when we hadn’t had a single snowflake. We all joked about how we would probably end up with none but wow were we wrong!”

Ayse blogs at

 Marek and Faris, both age 5, from Cardiff

Catrin, mum of two age 8 and 6, from Cardiff

We’ve been out for hours enjoying the snow! We got the snow scooters out of the attic – which we bought four years ago and have never used. They were good fun!”

Liannemum of twoArchie age 4 and Frankie age 2from Pontypool

Lianne blogs at Anklebiters Adventures

Sarah mum of two, age 8 and 6, from Morganstown 

Pic 1 “Snow won’t stop the football the football at ours!”

Pic 2 “Me falling off the swing much to my daughter’s amusement. Notice that my husband took a photo rather than helping me!”

Katie, mum of two, from Barry

“It turns out our steep street in Barry – aka Sant Barritz – doubles as a floodlit nursery slope. They all perfected avoiding sliding under the cars!”

Cath, mum of four, from Cardiff

Joy, mum of two, from Barry

“We had an evening walk in the snow.”

Nicola, mum of one, from Cardiff

Sarah, mum of two, from Cardiff

Emiko, mum of three age 7, 4 and 8 months, from Cardiff

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